Fast Food Statistics
This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I’m @jrrmblog on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points. It’s time to face the truth – we all know that eating fast food is […]

Fast Food Statistics That Will Scare You Healthy

Dealspotr Codes and Coupons
Everyone is looking for a great bargain these days. None more so than us solo moms. We are single-income households, trying to squeeze out as much as possible from every penny. We need to make every dollar go farther … and then some. Dealspotr is a great way to find […]

Dealspotr – Find Great Deals Every Time You Shop

seasonal depression 1
(This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you click on one and buy something, I get a small amount of money.  This doesn’t raise the price to you in any way; it just helps with the upkeep of the blog.) This time of year, it’s easy to feel what’s […]

7 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

tax preparation
We know it needs to be done, but many of us look at it like our kids look at a big test or term paper – we try to duck it as long as possible, because we think it will be too big and scary and take too long to finish.  […]

Tax Preparation Organization

single mom 6
As a single mom, I know just how difficult it can be to navigate the daily challenges of parenting alone.  We need a “village” – a support system to help us when we are stressed; to pick us up when we stumble. But sometimes it’s tricky to find that support.  […]

Build a Single Mom Support Group

New Year's Resolutions as a Single Mom 5
It’s that time of year again – New Year’s Resolutions! We do quite a bit of introspection as single moms, don’t we?  Seems we are always thinking about every course of action, scrutinizing our choices, etc.  We want to make sure that our actions and choices are what’s best for […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Single Moms

Creative Ideas for Celebrating New Year's Eve
So, it’s New Year’s Eve – and you need some creative ideas to celebrate the night, and help usher in the new year in style.  But you can’t/don’t want to leave the house – and who can blame you? So we will divide this list of ideas up into two […]

New Year’s Eve Ideas for Single Moms

Christmas craft ideas 2
One of the most enjoyable parts of the holidays for us is the large amount of Christmas craft ideas for kids out there today.  Family traditions that we have created over the years often center around the kiddos making crafts, baking cookies, etc. My daughters and I always go over to […]

Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Cake Stand with Ornament and Candles 3
I have a plan.  I am going to simplify Christmas this year. Well … simplify decorating for Christmas at my house this year.  2016 is my year for keeping it simple, and that includes Christmas decorations and Christmas cards.  More about Christmas cards later … After a quick (?!?!) search of […]

Simple and Thrifty Christmas Decorations

family organizer 1
Note: this post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you make a purchase through my link. I never recommend products I don’t stand behind.  Thanks for your support. Do you need a family organizer?  Or are YOU the “family organizer” […]

Using a Calendar as a Family Organizer

Thanksgiving crafts
So it’s Thanksgiving Day … and the family is gathered at your home.  And there are all the parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. With lots of kids running around.  And you want to corral that energy, maybe even harness it into something creative or constructive.  Like crafts.  Thanksgiving […]

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

single mom
The holidays can be a great time for traditions and spending time with family.  They are some of the most joyous times of the year.  But they are also the time of year that brings a spike in the rates of depression and suicide. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years can […]

Single Mom Survival Guide for the Holidays