5 Tips to Easier Bill Paying

Bill paying can be a headache!

Whether it’s finding the bill that needed to be paid last week, or not being able to find a stamp when it comes time to get that check into the mail.  There is anxiety surrounding the paying of our monthly bills.


5 Tips To Easier Bill Paying; take the anxiety out of bill paying with these easy tips.
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These tips should help relieve some of that anxiety:

  • Establish a place for unpaid bills. Create a file folder that you keep on your desk.  As soon as you open the mail, place any bills in that folder. Or choose a drawer of your desk for unpaid bills. The point is to have a certain place that bills go immediately upon being opened, if you won’t be writing a check for them at that moment. There is less chance for a bill to go missing (and therefore, go unpaid) if you create a routine that corrals them immediately upon arrival in the home.


  • Make it easier to pay bills by keeping the essentials nearby. Envelopes, stamps, return address stamper, pens, calculator, stapler, etc.  Keep whatever you will need to efficiently pay that bill handy.


  • If you choose to pay bills bi-monthly, get two file folders. Label one “Due 1 – 15” and the other “Due 16-31.” Or get a two-pocket folder from your local office supply store.  Have one pocket for the first half of the month and the other for the last half. Then file the bills appropriately. I also suggest making a note on your calendar/planner/phone to pay those bills on the dates you choose as your bill-paying dates.


  • One of the best uses of technology? Sign up for online bill paying with your bank. If are writing checks each month for the same amount of money to the same people – chances are you can automate that and save yourself one more item on your To Do list. You won’t have to remember to write and mail that check for the car payment, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to make the car payment that month. Can you say “Peace of Mind”?


  • Online bill paying also saves you on postage, and if you opt for paperless billing (most companies are offering that) you can also save on the amount of paper that enters your house – cutting down on the paper clutter. (Click here to read my post about paper clutter.)
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This is my bill paying system (if you were wondering):

As soon as I bring my mail into the house, I sort it immediately.  I put any junk mail in either the shredder or the recycle bin. Same goes for catalogs I don’t need, etc. Then I pull out the bills and put them into a purple folder (my favorite color is purple) on my desk. Monday is my day to pay bills.  I pay most of my bills online, so I have my bank’s website open.

I make sure that the payment is scheduled for the correct date and amount.  Then I note the amount being paid and date paid on the bill, and file it in my bill paying organizer in the pocket for the month it will be paid.  I note the amount and date it was paid so I can easily go back and see what was paid when. Then, at the end of the year, I have all my receipts categorized by which month they were paid.

What is your bill paying strategy? Have any other good tips to share? Please feel free to post them in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Easier Bill Paying

  1. Great tips for organizing bill paying! This will actually come in handy for me. I tend to not be the most organized when it comes to paying bills.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment! I appreciate the feedback. Sometimes it’s hard to be organized with paying bills – it’s a common problem! I have found that a little planning ahead of time can make things easier, and less painful.. 🙂 Thanks again, and have a great rest of the week.

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