5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Picnic

It’s summer, and time for outdoor adventures, and making plans to have that perfect picnic with family and friends.  Here are a few tips to get you started with the summer fun.

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Picnic

  1. Check the weather report – nothing ruins a picnic faster than unexpected bad weather, or a heat wave. Dress appropriately for the weather, taking into account temperature, humidity, etc. Picnics are always more fun when you are comfortable, not sweating. And the only thing that should be chilled at your perfect picnic are the drinks. And the potato salad, of course.
  2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. It’s a staple of summer, and a bad sunburn can ruin any outing. Just like bad weather. See #1.  The best sunscreen I have found is Arbonne’s LIQUID SUNSHINE sunscreen line of products.  Find out more about them here.
  3. Location, location, location. Where you gonna set up your blanket? How crowded will it be? For me, I don’t like too many people crammed into the space where I want to eat my sandwiches and dill pickles. I like to enjoy open spaces, with few people around. Some people like to picnic in places where there are loads of people with whom they can socialize. To each his own; just make sure that your perfect picnic isn’t spoiled by too many (or too few) people.
  4. Speaking of people – choose your favorite people to join you on your perfect picnic. Your kids, your spouse or your significant other, family and friends, etc. Your companions on this outing are a key ingredient to making it the perfect picnic. Choose wisely, and make sure you bring a blanket large enough to fit everyone.
  5. Food – OK, now we get to the best part of the picnic. Great food (which, BTW, is anything that you like to eat while on a picnic) is what it’s all about. Make sure you bring enough for everyone who will be joining you on your picnic, and make sure it’s all fresh (and well-chilled).  You’ll also need a picnic basket – here’s one to try:

    And there you have it – my list of ingredients for planning the perfect picnic!


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