7 Tips to Organize Magazine Clutter

They pile up on the table, on the floor, on the kitchen counter, under the nightstand … magazines. They show up in the mail, we bring them into our homes, and then they take up residence everywhere and seem to multiply. Magazine clutter isn’t difficult to tame. It just takes a little planning. Here are a few ideas to help eliminate magazine clutter:

  • Put magazines where you are most likely to read them; in your briefcase for the commute to work (only if YOU aren’t the one driving), or on your nightstand if you tend to read before bedtime.


  • Use vertical dividers on your desk, or by your bed or chair – wherever you tend to read your magazines. This keeps them corralled, and they aren’t taking up valuable space on top of a table or desk.


  • If you are a little behind on your reading material, schedule a few minutes a day to read so you can catch up. Or you can skim the Table of Contents of the magazines, highlight the articles you want to read, and then just read those before recycling the magazine.



  • Instead of saving a whole magazine for future reference, tear out just the article you intend to read and/or file.


  • Speaking of filing, use binders or file folders to hold magazine articles or newspaper clippings. Create a folder/binder for main categories, like “Home Decorating Ideas” or “Vacation Ideas.” If you choose to use a binder, insert articles into clear plastic sheet protectors. You can also use tabbed index sheets to create sections; for example, “Kitchen,” “Bedroom,” etc.


  • Choose one day each week – or one day each month, depending upon how many magazines you subscribe to – for going through magazines and culling old ones, tearing out articles or recipes you want to save, etc.


  • What to do with all those magazines you are recycling? Think about dropping them off at a local business’ waiting room. Maybe the local hospital, laundromat, veterinarian or mechanic can use some new reading material for their clients while they wait.


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