911 Dispatcher Pet Peeves – Part 2

Here’s another installment of pet peeves.  Are ya ready!  🙂

  1. People that call 911 to report someone laying on the ground, but are unable/unwilling to answer any questions about that person.  They refuse to approach them to see if they are bleeding, asleep, breathing, etc.  I can’t count the number of times an officer has been dispatched to someone sleeping on the grass in the park.  But we have to send an officer – just in case.  Work with me people!  Do you see the chest moving, rising and falling?  Do you see any obvious injuries?  Etc.
  2. People who say “Just get them here now!”  This is not Star Trek.  (And now I have just dated myself to my readers )  My officers and medics do not teleport.  I am sending the call in ASAP, but I still need a little information from you – so stay with me.  I think this frustration from callers is due to the sometimes unrealistic portrayal of 911 on TV and movies.  Some movies/shows portray dispatch as a magical place that is able to make police/medics appear before the caller hangs up the phone.  As much as we like to play superhero on a daily basis, we are still only human, and so are our officers.  And there are laws of physics that have to be obeyed.

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