My day in court - spent the day at the courthouse
I had to go to court yesterday.  And no, I didn’t do anything wrong; I wasn’t on trial.  I had to testify against a guy from a neighboring county that was on trial for misuse of 911.  And guess who was the *lucky* call taker who took that gem of […]

My Day in Court

Here’s another installment of pet peeves.  Are ya ready!  🙂 People that call 911 to report someone laying on the ground, but are unable/unwilling to answer any questions about that person.  They refuse to approach them to see if they are bleeding, asleep, breathing, etc.  I can’t count the number […]

911 Dispatcher Pet Peeves – Part 2

  I took a call last week from a mom that wanted to report her teenage daughter as missing.  Her daughter was 17 years old and had been hiking with a 16 year old male friend at a local state park – the same one where I often go hiking. I […]

Teenagers These Days (This momma was a little surprised)

  Speaking of needy … some people make really bad choices.  (OK, this is kind of a continuation of another blog post, Why I Blog (in case you were curious) – Part 1 and Why I Blog – Part 2 ) I find myself marveling sometimes at the amount of […]

Speaking of Needy … Bad Choices

911 Pet Peeves
  I am sure that every 911 dispatcher and call taker has their particular list of “pet peeves” – those things that happen, day in and day out, that make you grind your teeth in frustration, or make you want to bang you forehead on your console.  Here are my […]

911 Pet Peeves – My Version

Funny Abbreviations from Dispatch
I think I mentioned in a previous post about dispatch being based on abbreviations and 3-letter acronyms. Well, I wanted to share a few of those with you. These are by no means all of them, and I may find more and add another post on this topic. But here […]

Funny Abbreviations from Dispatch

Last call of the day yesterday, and it was worth the wait.  🙂 911 call came in, and I hear a female voice saying, “There’s a man at the door and he’s trying to kill me.”  I immediately ask for her address, but she’s not listening.  She’s just keeps repeating […]

“There’s a Secret International Crime Society at the Motel”

Female caller, reporting that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is threatening her, AND that said ex-girlfriend is keeping too many dogs: “She is already in so much trouble with the Attorney General of the Humane Society!” And then there’s the call from two nights ago: “I need the number for the sleep […]

Sometimes I Just Have No Words …

pet in the car 1
One of the calls we see an increase in this time of year is the “animal locked in a car” call.  Lots of people lock their pet in a car, thinking that they will “only be gone a minute.”  What can happen in the span of a minute or two?  […]

Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

A female caller, wanting to file a report of harassment: Me – “What exactly are they doing to harass you?” Caller – “They are texting me, bragging about their new fiancé, and I’m tired of hearing about it.” Emergency Life Coach Powers – Activate! Me – “Did you tell them to […]

Just call me “Emergency Life Skills Coach”!

Calls Like This Make Me Love My Job 1
In the past I have shared stories about funny call that I have taken. And there will be more of those, I promise – hopefully, every Friday. 🙂 But there are calls every so often that remind me of why I took this job in the first place; calls that […]

Calls Like This Make Me Love My Job!

Yeah, that’s what it looked like when I typed it yesterday at work. Not the “Wait, What?!?!?!?” part … but the reaction from the dispatcher and the medics was the same. Yeah, it’s time for a work story. 🙂 Call came in from a female that was moaning and groaning, […]

“74 YOF, PREGNANT” … Wait, What?!?!?!

goal reached 1
Well, it’s been a long six months, but I have reached the point where I can now say: I AM SOLO AS A CALL TAKER! I have completed the in-house academy, the 2-weeks of training at DPSST, and the six months of one-on-one training on the phones. My training review […]

Goal Completed – I am now “Solo”

what I learned at the fire station
As part of my job, I sometimes go on “ride alongs” with some of the agencies for which we dispatch. This gives me (us) a better understanding of what a regular day is like for our first responders, and hopefully will help us in our job of dispatching for them.  […]

What I Learned at the Fire Station

calling 911 3
I talked in a previous post about the first thing we want to know when you are calling 911 – WHERE ARE YOU? Now we get to the next most important question -WHAT IS YOUR EMERGENCY? And that is exactly how I will ask you the question – “What is your emergency?” […]

Calling 911 – Part 2

calling 911
Over the past 6 months or so that I have been learning this job and taking calls, I have found that folks generally don’t have a real good idea of what happens when they are calling 911.  Now, after seeing things from “the other side”, I get that.  I wouldn’t have […]

Calling 911 – Part 1

Well, I have been given the word that (barring any unforeseen circumstances) I will be “going solo” as of July 7th!  This is what I have worked for and prayed for over the past 6 months.  What a satisfying accomplishment!  My training has had it’s ups and downs, but lately […]

All Set To Solo!