All Set To Solo!

Well, I have been given the word that (barring any unforeseen circumstances) I will be “going solo” as of July 7th!  This is what I have worked for and prayed for over the past 6 months.  What a satisfying accomplishment!  My training has had it’s ups and downs, but lately things have just “clicked” for me, and my trainer has really noticed that.

I have a ride-along scheduled with the fire department/paramedics for this Thursday, and then Friday I change shifts to start graveyard.  That will be a big change for me, a morning person!  But who knows, it might just work for me.  It will be a totally new experience, whatever the outcome.

When I am solo, my shift will be swing shift.  That will also be new – but I think it will allow me to have time to spend with my daughter and take care of her activities this summer.  Here’s hoping.  And I will try to keep up better with this blog.  I know I haven’t been posting as often as I would like, or as often as I think about wanting to post something.

So this next month will be exciting -the challenge of switching shifts, and the anticipation of seeing my training come to an end.  But then, if I am honest, I will probably never stop learning or training.  There’s always change, and always the need to grow and adapt to that change.  This past 6 months have taught me that very clearly!  🙂

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