Back to Basics

Back to Basics
Back to Basics

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted.  And to tell the truth, I was a little burned out recently.  Not because anything was going on … same ole stuff, really.  But I just felt like …. I didn’t have anything to say.  And I realized that I had been posting stuff on this blog that, at times, didn’t really matter to me.

I started this blog as a kind of diary … not to make money, or get a lot of people to read it (although both would be nice.)  I wanted a place to write down my thoughts, and get them “out there” for others to see and read … and (hopefully) respond.

And then, it happened … one day I started to read other people’s blogs, and read about how they were making money from blogging.  And hearing about all the visits they have every day, day after day, to their blog.  Thousands and thousands of visitors, every day.  That would be nice.  And the money that they make from various advertising on their blog.  Also, nice.

I decided I wanted some of that!

So I “sold out” … at least, my version of selling out.  I started to put up some ads, and write some reviews, and hope to get my page visits boosted.  And I started checking my stats every day, and despairing if they weren’t going up enough.  It was a slow process.  And I started to get bummed out.  So I quit posting for awhile because it wasn’t fun any more.  And it should be; it should be fun to post on my blog.

As I wondered why it wasn’t fun anymore, I realized that I wasn’t doing it for me.  I was trying to fit in to what others were doing, and what other people said would “help my blog grow.”  But I don’t want to do that anymore.  At least, not that way other people say.  Yes, I want my blog to grow; but on my terms, and in a way with which I am comfortable.

So I took down some advertising.  And I stopped overthinking how I could change the blog to make money/get more visitors/etc.  Now I am just back to writing about what I want to write.

Aaaaahhhh!  🙂

I want to be funny, and helpful, and inspirational on this blog.  I want to be me, and not someone else’s version of what they think is a great blog.

I don’t like having so many ads on the side of the page.  I hate that on other people’s blogs, and I sure don’t like the look of it on mine.  OK, every now and them there MAY be a link to in a post I write or something; but that’s only for the stuff that I really like and want to share.  Gone are most of the affiliate link and buttons; I chose only one program with which to stay “affiliated.”

I like the look of my blog again … it’s a better representation of me.  Less cluttered, less stuffy … and not trying so hard.  Feels good … this “not trying to fit in.”  🙂


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