10 tips to Save Money on Beauty Products and Services

We all like to save money, and we all like to look good. Sometimes those two goals seem incompatible. But – believe it or not – there are several ways to save money on beauty products and services. You just have to be a little creative. (This post contains an affiliate link)

Spend $$ On The Right Skincare:

Put your money in cosmetics and skincare that will stay on your skin, and have longer-term effects. For example, choose to spend a little more for a good anti-aging moisturizer than for a facial cleanser that is immediately washed off. Same for body wash and soap; invest more money in the products that will be staying on your skin to provide benefits.

Get More Mileage From Your Mani:

Cuticle oil is your friend. Massage it into your nails every night to keep your nails shiny, your cuticles moisturized, and your skin soft. And if you get a chip in your polish? Add a sparkly top coat over your polish; it will camouflage the chip(s).

I love this tip from The Penny Hoarder!

“Beauty Brands holds a “Liter Sale” once per year during which you can purchase liters of salon brand shampoos and conditioners for just $12.99.
This is a great deal — in some cases, you’ll save over $40 per liter. Imagine the savings if you stocked up on enough shampoo and conditioner to last you an entire year, until the next Liter Sale.
Beauty Brands holds their big sale around July. Philosophy also holds a Summer Sale during which you can save up to 50%. During the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, it isn’t unusual to save up to 75% when you use coupons along with the sale prices.
Almost every brand and online beauty merchant has one or two big sales each year. Mark these sales on your calendar and stock up for big savings.
Also, summer is a great time to look for local sidewalk sales in your community. Save big as your mom-and-pop shops move last season’s inventory.
If you spend less money on beauty products, you’ll have more money to spend on other things.
Shop smarter, save more and look fabulous while you do it.”The Penny Hoarder, 7 Tricks Every Budget-Conscious Beauty Junkie Needs To Know


Take A Little Bit of Salon Home With You:

The next time you get your hair colored, ask the colorist for a little bit of the dye she uses to take home with you. You can use the dye between visits to touch up your roots as they grow out, and extend the life of your color – saving $$ on pricey visits to the salon. Save money on beauty services and you have more money left in your budget for other things.

10 Tips to Save Money on Beauty Products and Services

Here’s a great “save on beauty services” tip from Allure Magazine –

Become a model. Don’t let expensive upkeep fees (especially when it comes to regular blowouts and color touch-ups) keep you from reaching your full hair potential. Instead, look into salon programs that offer discounted services to those willing to give students experience. At the Aveda Institute, customers can expect to pay about half of what they would at an Aveda salon, if not less. “When students are in their first phases, they often need models to practice with, and those services are generally free of charge,” says Suzanne Bettendorf, Aveda’s executive director of Institute Development. And there’s no need to be afraid: “The students graduate to the clinic floor after significant dedicated theory and practice hours. They are also supervised by a licensed educator throughout their service.” – 10 Ways To Save Money on Beauty Products

Use Less:

You don’t have to “lather, rise, repeat.” You know this, right? Please tell me you aren’t using twice the shampoo you really need! You only need to lather up once in order to get your hair clean. Same with toothpaste, etc. You don’t need to cover the entire toothbrush with toothpaste in order to brush your teeth. They get just as clean by using half the amount you see in the ads. Think about it – what products are you using too much?Look For Multi-Taskers:

Always choose sunscreen with SPF added! This is a must – trust me, I’m “mature” (also, a former lifeguard and swimming instructor) and know these things! Look for bronzer that doubles as eye shadow, lip gloss that doubles as cheek stain, etc. You see where I’m going here, right?! For example, find an eye shadow pallet with browns/nudes that can be used as a brow filler, highlighter, eyeliner, etc. Choose fewer products that work harder for you, and you’ll save money on beauty products in the long run.

Shop Around:

Don’t limit yourself to one stop for all your beauty needs. If a product is carried at multiple stores, check around and see if one of those stores has it on sale. Or offers a loyalty program where you can earn points for free products. Go where you will get the best deal.

Clip Coupons:

A tried and true method! It may sound old and tired, and something your mom or grandmother did, but it still works! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There are many places that help you save money on beauty products. You can look for coupons in newspaper inserts (check your Sunday paper), online (check out Coupon Sherpa, where you can search by stores or category) or with apps on your phone (again, Coupon Sherpa has one – and check out RetailMeNot and Beauty Coupons).

Cash back apps are great for getting money back on your purchases; you can get cash back for beauty products, groceries, etc. Here’s a couple links about cashback apps: Cash Back Apps I Use – Part 1 and Cash Back Apps I Use – Part 2

Use EBATES to get money back from Sephora, Aveda, bareMinerals, Bath and Body Works, Clarins, Clinique, Lancôme, The Honest Company, MAC Cosmetics, etc. And that just to name a few! Use this link to sign up, spend $25, and you’ll get cashback for your purchase PLUS $10 EXTRA.

Check out limited deal sites, like

Living Social
Gilt City

Search “Makeup Dupes” online:

There are tons of great reviews out there, comparing expensive products and reviewing them alongside their drugstore brand counterparts. You can find great advice on what to buy cheaply, and can save you lots of money. Here are a couple I found right off the bat:

19 Insanely Good Makeup Dupes That Will Save You Tons Of Money by Buzzfeed
The Best Drugstore Makeup Dupes by Into The Gloss
12 Best Makeup Dupes For Your Favorite High End Products by College Fashion

Here are some other little tidbits for you:

  • Make your own face scrub out of brown sugar and honey. There are many other recipes online you can try as well.
  • Use a little bit of red or pink lipstick as a cheek stain
  • Make your own hair mask; again, tons of ideas/recipes online!
  • Buy large size shampoos and conditioners, when the cost per ounce is lower than the smaller sizes.
  • Speaking of conditioner; use it to shave your legs when you are running out of shaving cream.
  • Use White Out to touch up any chips on a French manicure.
  • Use coconut oil as a makeup remover.
  • Search YouTube, online beauty blogs, and store reviews before purchasing a product.
  • Cut open bottle and tubes to get the last little bit out before you through it away!
  • Collect sample items – at the drug store counter, department store makeup counter, sign up to get them through the mail, etc.

Got any tips to save money on beauty products and services?

Share them in the comments, or put a link to your post. I know I haven’t gathered them ALL in this post! Share what you know.

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