Advice for new bloggers?

Advice #1:  Be yourself.  There are so many people out there who will try to tell you how you should write, what to write about, what strategy to use to get more page views, how to monetize your blog, etc.  There are very helpful people out there, so learn from them.  But never give up your personal voice or creativity.  You have a unique perspective on life, and a unique voice that needs to be heard.  Don’t allow that to be lost, or drowned out by someone trying to shape you into their mold of what a blogger should be.

Advice #2: Be patient. The main goal is to create something you can be proud of, and that is going to take time.  Don’t rush, and be certain that you can live with (long-term) what you put on your blog.


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In return for being myself a nominee, I must nominate other fellow bloggers in order to recognize their work and achievement.


And the nominees are:


Kristy – HONESTK (

Amy – Cooking 1 Handed (

Amy – The Good Life With Amy French (

Tachi – Tachispeaks (

Angela – Aromatherapy Naturally (

Mary Anna – Explore Beauty XO (

Rachel – My Multifaceted Life (

Angeline Marie – Thought Catalog (

Meaghan – Beauty From Burnt Toast (

Lisa – Lisa Designs Life (


Congratulations to all of them! They are doing a wonderful job.


The rules of the Blogger Recognition Award










And thanks again to Vanessa at Olivia’s New Life for nominating me!

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