Cash Back Apps I Use – Part 1

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I have written several posts on this blog already about saving money – a subject that is close to my heart.  (But if you really want to know more about saving money – check out my other blog, Widowz Mite.  It’s all about faith and finances for the single mom.)

I think every single mom, or working mom, … or whatever kind of mom you happen to be … is interested in saving money.  And one way that I use to save a little money – or rather, get some money back – is a few cash back apps that I have on my phone.

Here are a few sites/apps that I find useful.  I set them up on my laptop at home, then added (most of) the apps to my phone.  These are ways that I have found to get back a little $$ when I am purchasing items I would be buying regardless.


Two Cash Back Apps I Use:  Ebates and Ibotta


Ebates:  That is not an app (that I know of), but it’s a website that I try to use when I buy something online.  Log in and search for the store from where you want to shop.  If you don’t know the exact name of the store, but know what category you are looking for, that’s fine too – you can search stores by category.  You click on the site you want (from a link on the Ebates website) and shop online like you normally would.  After your purchase is made and confirmed, Ebates will send you an email telling you the amount of your cash back from that purchase.

My lifetime earnings so far with Ebates has been about $90 over the course of a year.  But I don’t do a lot of my shopping online; if you do, you could get a good chunk of change back in your bank account!  You can see their Daily Deals, Coupons & Promo Codes here.  Your cash back comes to you every 3 months, via either a check in the mail or a deposit into your Paypal account.  You can even have your earnings sent to a charity or organization, or to a family member or friend.

This would be a great time to shop at Ebates – I just found out it’s their Birthday Week, and they have 250+ stores where you can get 15% cash back!

Here is a link to get you started:  Ebates Birthday Sale

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Cash Back Apps - Part 1 ; Phone Apps That Help Save You Money
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Ibotta:  This is one of the newer cash back apps for me.  I tried using Ibotta awhile back, but didn’t get the hang of it.  I have recently rediscovered it, and really enjoy using it now.  Again, this app is very simple to use. Sign up (using the link below), download the app to your phone and choose the stores where you shop.  You can also link “loyalty cards” from certain stores to the account, which saves you having to scan and upload barcodes and receipts.

“Unlock” the rebates you want to take advantage of, then go shopping.  After you make a purchase, you open the app on your phone, scan the barcode(s) of the items for the rebate, along with the store receipt, and send it.  Ibotta verifies your cash back almost instantly, I have found.  I earned $11.50 from Ibotta yesterday by shopping at 3 stores – Wal-Mart, Target and Rite AidFor a couple items I bought, I got cash back from two different cash back apps!  And they were things I needed, and would have bought anyway.  You can get your earnings deposited into your Paypal account, or use them to get gift cards for places like Best Buy, Starbucks,, Wal-Mart, Sephora, etc.

My referral code is:  wbppka.  I would appreciate you using this code when you sign up, because I get a little something in return.  And you get to save money, too!  When you sign up, YOU TOO can refer folks and get a little somethin’ somethin’ as well.  Or just use this link to sign up – the referral code is embedded in the link.

(Since this post started to get a little long, I have broken it down into two posts.  Here is the second post about cash back apps that I use: Cash Back Apps I Use – Part 2 )



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