Closure and Open Doors

Closure and Open Doors
Closure and Open Doors

Part of my job in security is working in Access Control at the Oregon State Hospital.  Access Control is where we watch the cameras on all the units, monitor the radio channels for the hospital units and the security staff, and open/close the sallyports in the hospital.  There are 10 sallyports at the hospital.

If you are unfamiliar with sallyports, let me explain:  a sallyport (also called a “man-trap”) is an entry point into a secure facility or into a secure part of a building.  Police departments and jails use a vehicle sallyport when bringing criminal-type folks into the building to make sure that they stay in an officer’s custody and don’t escape.  The principle is we confirm your identity at the exterior doors, grant you access, you advance to the second door and are allowed access into the secure perimeter.  One set of doors will not open until the other set is secure.

While I sat behind my monitor last week at work, I (for the hundredth time, possibly) reminded a hospital employee to be patient in the sallyport.  You see, employees often get anxious to get through a sallyport, going from one part of the hospital to another.  They are in a hurry, and can’t remember that one basic principle of a sallyport:

The door behind you must close before the door in front of you can open.

The above is an oft-uttered phrase for my co-workers and myself.  We remind employees of this fact every day as we sit in front of our monitors and watch the cameras.  We are unable to open the door they are standing in front of until the door they have just come through closes completely.  The computer system will literally not allow us to open that door until the other door to the sallyport latches.

Stay with me here … this is where we get to the deep insight. 😉

It occurred to me that these sallyports operate the same way we move through life.  Closure is required.

There must be closure before we can move on with what’s next in life.

There are many things from our past that we deal with in our present, and that need closure.  Past opportunities.  Past relationships.  Past dreams.  All must be dealt with before we can move forward in life.  When God calls us to something new, He allows the past to close behind us; we must move forward in His timing, into what He has for us, through the newly opened door.

God won’t let us move forward until we have dealt with our past.

Where in your life do you need closure?  What in your past do you still have to deal with before you can move forward into what God has for YOU?  We all have past relationships, past hurts or disappointments, etc. to deal with to move ahead into new relationships, opportunities, dreams, etc.  Take a moment and ask God to show you what to do to step into His plans for you.  His plans for you are always good, always for your benefit, and always accomplished in His perfect timing.



7 thoughts on “Closure and Open Doors

  1. Love this analogy! And it’s so true – let go of the past and move onto better and brighter opportunities!

  2. This is an interesting concept. I think sometimes we think we’ve moved on when in fact we haven’t.

    1. The simplicity of that statement is truly profound. And we keep wondering how we keep ending up where we started, when in reality we’ve done much movement and never left our original location.

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