Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

Crock Pot Chicken Recipes
Crock Pot Chicken Recipes

I am always on the lookout for great (AND EASY) crock pot chicken recipes.  I love to use my crock pot to cook dinner while I am at work, or doing more interesting things.

I love being able to put a few ingredients into the crock pot in the morning, and when I get home from work or errands … there’s that wonderful smell of dinner cooking when you walk in the door.

Then just pair it with a salad and/or some fresh bread or rolls – and you have a satisfying (and did I mention EASY) meal for you and your family.

Crock pot Chicken Recipes
Crock pot Chicken Recipes

So here are links to some great recipes for you to try:


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I will add to this list of crock pot chicken recipes, so why not let me include yours?

Just leave a comment below, or email me with the link.  I would love to add yours to the list!

Oh, and if you were wondering:

“People tend to use the terms “Crock Pot” and “slow cookers” interchangeably, but they are not, in fact, interchangeable. While all Crock Pots are slow cookers, not all slow cookers are Crock Pots.  Crock Pots are to slow cookers as Kleenex are to tissues, or Band-Aids are to bandages. Crock Pot is a brand name.” – from A Brief History of The Crock Pot, The Original Slow Cooker by the Huffington Post.  There is a lot more to the article, so feel free to click and learn more.

OK, so I learned two things from this – Crock Pot is not one word, and I should have entitled this post “Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes.”  Oh well … next time I’ll know better.  🙂



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