A Day of My Own – Thank you, Outdoor School!

Earlier this week my youngest daughter left for Outdoor School for about three days. It was a new experience for both of us.  She hadn’t been gone for that long (2.5 days), and been that far away (2.5 hours) from me, in her whole life so far.  Maybe a day, but that’s it.  I had never had her be gone that long or so far away from me before in my whole life so far.  Now granted, she is my youngest, so I have had experience with kids being away for periods of time before.  Just not her.  And it’s different with each child, in my experience … so far.

So what was I doing with myself while she was gone? Well, let’s see ….

Day 2 with Youngest Daughter Gone to Outdoor School:

Didn’t set the alarm, but still woke up at exactly the same time I always do on a school day. Nuts!  Thought since Youngest Daughter wasn’t there to get up for school, maybe I could sleep in.  No such luck.  But that’s OK, I needed to get up anyway.  A whole day stretched in front of me, with nothing scheduled – no drop offs at school, no dance classes to drop off at and pick up from, etc.

Stopped for a moment to wonder what they were doing at Outdoor School this morning.

So I started laundry, then headed to the computer where I spent the morning continuing my job search – finding a few more companies to which I can apply and/or send resumes. Also, I got in some time updating this blog and checking in on Twitter and Facebook.  No, I am not addicted to either form of social media.  I can quit whenever I want.  Honest.

Made some lunch about 1 p.m. Had soup (delicious vegetable soup) and crackers.  While I ate my soup I watched a DVD I had borrowed from the library about Julia Child – it was a compilation of some of her best episodes.  Learned a few tricks and felt a little inspired.  I may try some new recipes soon.  I thought about posting a recipe I have for an Old Fashioned Brown Sugar cake that I make for holidays; everyone really likes it.  So I looked through my recipe drawer (yes, I have an actual drawer for my cookbooks and recipes), but couldn’t find it.  Oh well … I’ll have to find another recipe to share on this blog sometime soon.  That really was a great recipe, though.

Stopped for a moment to wonder what they were eating at Outdoor School.

After I was done watching Julia create in her kitchen, I gathered up that DVD and 3 others that were due back at the library and headed for town. After turning in the DVDs I chose 2 more to check out and bring home.  One was a Salsa/Reggae workout video, one was called “Now You See Me.”  When I got home I decided to clean out the car … much needed, I might add.  So I hauled the vacuum out to the garage, along with rags and Simple Green.  30 minutes later, the car was clean and fresh smelling.   Whoop whoop!

Soon all the house plants were watered, 3 loads of laundry folded and put away, garbage emptied and kitchen cleaned. Go ME!  Time to exercise – but after about 5 minutes of the Salsa/Reggae DVD I turned it off.  Not a good exercise DVD.  In fact, it was pretty terrible.  So I got one of my Zumba DVDs to work out with instead.

Stopped for a moment to wonder if they were getting a lot of exercise at Outdoor School.

Now for a little down time. It was about 5 p.m., so I settled myself on the couch and watched 3 episodes from “The Guardian, Season 1, Disc 5.”  Thank you, Netflix.  During the breaks, I cooked myself a little dinner of scrambled eggs and English muffins.  I also brewed myself a cup of tea, and left it on the counter to steep for a few minutes, going back to continue watching the final episode on the DVD.

Decided to go take shower. On my way through the kitchen I saw the cup of tea on the counter, where it had been sitting for the past hour.  Oh well, that’s what microwaves are for.  Showered and into my jammies, then scrubbed out the kitchen sink while I waited for the tea to reheat in the microwave.  Then just watched a little TV while typing out a blog post on the computer.

Stopped for a moment to wonder how Youngest Daughter was doing without TV at Outdoor School.

Not much excitement in my daily routine. But don’t tell Youngest Daughter   – I told her before she left that I would be eating pizza and ice cream every day while she was gone, in between going to movies and shopping.  🙂

3 thoughts on “A Day of My Own – Thank you, Outdoor School!

  1. Wow….This sounds like a wonderful day. I can’t believe that they have a such thing as “Outdoor School.” I have been writing about taking away technology from my kids and myself more throughout the day a lot, and this just stuck with me the most throughout your entire post.

    Netflix is a WONDERFUL thing! We love to watch a lot of shows and movies on it. It is an important part of our household. It’s so much cheaper than cable too.
    Crystal Green recently posted…Ideas to Make Your Thanksgiving SpecialMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Crystal! I appreciate you stopping by, and your comments. Yeah, she had a great time at Outdoor School – dissected a squid, went on a “night hike,” had campfire time each night, etc. It was a good experience, and she had a blast. 🙂
      We love Netflix, too! And you are right – much cheaper than cable, and you can watch just what you want to watch, without having to wade through a lot of stuff you aren’t interested in – and watch WHEN you want to, as well. 🙂

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