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Everyone is looking for a great bargain these days. None more so than us solo moms. We are single-income households, trying to squeeze out as much as possible from every penny. We need to make every dollar go farther … and then some.

Dealspotr is a great way to find those deals you are looking for, and it’s very quick (all kinds of deals in one place) and easy to use.  Everything from Best Buy, Ulta, Shutterfly, Staples, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.  Whatever you may like, wherever you may shop (both online and in store) you can find great deals to save you lots of money.


Dealspotr is a community-edited, money-saving website. Members share information about great deals they have found across the web. These can be anything from coupon codes, to free shipping on orders, to clearance items at a certain website or brick-and-mortar stores. Deals are submitted by members on Dealspotr, and everyone benefits.

It boils down to three basic steps:

1. Share great deals to help others save money.

2. Follow interests, stores, and people to customize your experience.

3. Earn points for curating Dealspotr’s database by adding and editing deals. You can exchange points for gift cards.

Organize and find deals based on what type of deals and/or by interest. For example –
Deals: Promo codes, Product deals, Online sales, In-store deals, Free Shipping, BOGO, and Freebies.

Interests: Electronics/Tech, Fashion, Restaurants/Dining Out, Home, Beauty/Cosmetics, Travel, Pharmacy, Food & Cooking, Fitness & Sports

You can also choose to follow/subscribe to sub categories within your interests, and certain stores or websites where you normally shop.  If you normally go searching for a coupon code once you get to “Checkout” when ordering online (because, let’s face it – we hate to leave that “coupon code” box blank), you can use one of the numerous codes on Dealspotr.  You don’t need to leave the “coupon code” box blank any more!  Again, you can find great deals for everything you shop for on Dealspotr.

Dealspotr Interests

Some of my interests are Home and Fashion; a few stores that I subscribe to are Target, Best Buy, and JoAnne’s Fabric.  All of the stores, interests, and deals that I subscribe to are listed on My Feed.  This is very helpful in keeping what I am most interested in right at my fingertips.  I can find what is most important to me very easily.  And I love it when I can get free shipping on orders almost every time I shop online!

Signing up is very easy. Just go here

Click on “Connect with Facebook” -or- enter your password, choose a username, and create a password. That’s it!

Wait, I didn’t mention that this is FREE! Oops … yeah, it is totally free. No membership fee, no annual fees, nothing. Nada!

AND you can earn +1,000 bonus points when you register. Use this code

Dealspotr profile

Earn points by posting deals, validating deals, “subscribing” to stores to follow all their deals, and saving deals to your list to redeem later.

These points can be used to get gift cards. So far, the only offering is Amazon gift cards. It will be great when other options are added! Did I tell you that you can get +1,000 bonus points just for signing up?! Use this code

Posting a deal is fairly easy. My only complaint is that it seems to take a little bit too long sometimes. I would love it if I could be a little easier, maybe more automatic. You need to enter the information, take a screenshot of the checkout page to show the code works, etc. And the volume of the deals can be a little intimidating at first. Make sure you choose your interests, stores, and brands to narrow down the selection of deals.

Make use of your feed on the website. This is very helpful in making sure you only have to view deals that you are truly interested in, instead of wading through deals that you have no interest in.

There is a daily checklist for you to complete to gain even more points every day. These are things like saving deals to be redeemed later, following other Dealspotr members, adding stores to your feed, etc. All these tasks are very simple and easy to do, and if you are consistent you can really increase your points and earn those gift cards even faster.

If you love saving money, and would normally coupon to find great deals, check out Dealspotr.  This is basically a “one stop” site to help you find all the coupon codes and free shipping offers you could ever need!

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