Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

One of the calls we see an increase in this time of year is the “animal locked in a car” call.  Lots of people lock their pet in a car, thinking that they will “only be gone a minute.”  What can happen in the span of a minute or two?  It doesn’t take long for the temperature to climb on a sunny day, and your pet in the car will find themselves locked high temperatures before you know it.

Just a reminder – don’t lock your dog, cat, or child in the car while you run into the store “for just a few things.”

Depending upon where you are, that can be very dangerous.  It doesn’t take long at all for the interior temperature of a vehicle to climb high enough to cause damage to a human or animal.

If you come upon a car with a pet or child inside, there are a couple options:

  • Call 911 and have an officer sent to the location.  Give the call taker the address of where the vehicle is parked, a description of the vehicle (color, make and model, license plate, etc.), location in the parking lot, condition of pet/child in the vehicle, etc.
  • If you think the situation is an emergency, and can’t wait for police to arrive – take out your cell phone and open your weather app, then take a screen shot of the weather at your location.  Then break the window that is farthest from the animal or child, being careful to avoid injuring them.  Unlock the door and remove them from the vehicle, getting them to a cooler location.  Call 911 for medical/police assistance.  The cell phone screen shot is so you will have proof of the necessity of your actions in breaking the window of the vehicle and damaging property.

Please think before you leave a pet in the car, or a child in the car … better yet, leave them at home where there is air conditioning!

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