Ergometrics testing – Done!

Well, got back from the completion of the 4-hour marathon known as Ergometrics testing for 911 Call Takers.  What fun!  😉

Yeah, I’m being sarcastic.  Actually it wasn’t as bad as all that.  I can’t really go into it too much, because they really scared us about what would happen if we tried to share too much about the testing with folks.  Like if you try to write down the questions to pass along to someone else, or in any way try to record or copy the questions, etc.  So let me just say …

Emergency Communications Personnel Video Testing System

ECOMM is a revolutionary testing system designed for emergency communications. ECOMM has three modules: the CallTaker Video Test, the CallTaker Notes Test and the Dispatcher Test. All three modules are highly job-related and easy to give to groups or individuals. ECOMM simulates key aspects of call taking and dispatching for unprecedented accuracy in hiring. ECOMM requires quick and accurate assessment of difficult and evolving situations.

(This is taken right from their website … I figure it’s safer that way.)

I think I did fairly well.  I feel pretty confident.  I guess.  It’s hard not to second guess yourself, and worry – but I will try.

There were 40 people testing today, and they are hiring for six positions.  Yikes!  If I pass today’s testing (and I think they said you have to get 80% or above to pass) then I move on to next week’s testing – Criticall.

Wish me luck!  🙂


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  1. Wishing you success in your testing. This is an indescribable job that will give you times of great joy and times of great sorrow. It really is an amazing career field … I wish you the BEST!

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