Fall Bucket List 2

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Ok, this is in response to a “Back to Blogging” challenge that I took part in last week.  Yes, I didn’t get these up and posted with everyone else.  I had other things I was posting about at the time, so I am playing “catch up” and posting them now.  Better late than never, I guess.  🙂

So here is a short list of the items I want to accomplish in the next couple months before winter gets here.

  • Make an autumn wreath.  I was out shopping yesterday, doing my errands and trip to the grocery store, and I happened to stop by the local JoAnne’s fabric and craft store.  And I had a coupon, so lets’ face it … resistance was futile.  It was inevitable.  I love coupons, and will find a way to use them if they are good enough.  So I bought some supplies to make a great burlap fall wreath for the front door.  I will post pictures when it’s done.  🙂
  • Actually carve some pumpkins this year and decorate the front porch a bit.  Heck, let’s decorate the whole house – if I can find the fall decorations.  I do that every year; it gets to be halfway through a season, and I suddenly remember that I have decorations to put up.  I never seem to be on top of decorating for the holidays/season.  For whatever reason, they tend to sneak up on me and I find myself unprepared.  But not this season!  (Famous last words, if you know me … we’ll have to see if this season will be any different than in the past.)
  • Go get one of those pumpkin latte things that everyone is always raving about.  I don’t drink coffee much, so Starbucks is like a foreign country to me.  I don’t know the language, or the culture, etc.  But I keep hearing about these supposedly wonderful fall drinks they have there, and I am curious.  So maybe that right there will be fodder for another blog post all it’s own.

That’s pretty much it, I guess.  I don’t have any grandiose ideas about what I will accomplish this fall.  Mainly, I just want to enjoy the season, and wear my sweater that I love so much.  🙂

What’s on your list for fall?  Any projects or outings that you have planned?  Please share … maybe you will give me (and the rest of us) some good ideas!



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