Ours is right on the front of the refrigerator – it’s magnetized with heavy duty magnets, and won’t fall off – even when the fridge door gets slammed shut.

This is the calendar we are currently using.  I love it because it’s a cross between the grid calendar and the linear calendar with slots for different member of the family.  Therefore, it’s the best of both worlds, and is a great family organizer for us.  Because the Plan It calendars have many great styles, you can find one that you like and will use.  Because that’s one of the most important parts – the planner you use is the one that is most helpful!


family organizer

The Plan It Multiple Blessings calendar is a great family organizer

What type of family organizer have you found that works best?

What are your hints/tips for organizing your family and their activities?  Share some in the comments below, and let me know how my tips have helped you.


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