Using a Calendar as a Family Organizer

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Do you need a family organizer?  Or are YOU the “family organizer” – keeping track of everyone’s activities and appointments?

Want to better organize your family and their activities?  Who doesn’t?!?!

One great way to do this is with a family calendar.  All activities/events that concern the family go in one place, and everyone has access to the calendar.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on a family calendar:

  • It’s best to use a large calendar with plenty of space per day to write; that way complete information is shared, and you aren’t worried about cryptic entries on the calendar that no one can decipher.  There are different layouts for wall calendars; some are the more common grid, and some (like the one pictured below)are more “linear.”
Mom's Family Calendar
Mom’s Family Calendar by Sandra Boynton
  • Another thing to consider is if you want a regular wall calendar, a “desk pad” calendar that you can tear off when the new month starts (that’s what I use), or a dry erase one that you re-write each month with dry erase markers.  It depends on what you prefer, and what is most effective for your family’s organization.  I use a Mary Engelbreit calendar that I bought at  because it looks like a desk calendar, but has magnets on the back.  My sister uses a dry erase board for a calendar.  For a good example of the system that my sister uses, you can check out her blog post here:  Color-Coded OCD
  • Use colored markers or highlighters to delineate which activities/events “belong” with which family member.  You can do this either by family member (i.e. each family member has their own designated color), or by category (i.e. red for work, yellow for school, green for sports, etc.)  Use a color system that will work for you, and be easy for all family members to remember and use.
  • Set aside a time each month where you go over the upcoming month and fill in the calendar with any activities/events that are not already noted on the calendar.  Setting a time and date to do this prevents you from *thinking* it got put on the calendar … and then missing an important activity.  This leads to stress … and we are trying to get away from stress.



  • Post the calendar in an area where it’s seen daily by all members of the household.  The kitchen will work well for almost every family, or a well-traveled hallway or family room might be another choice.

Ours is right on the front of the refrigerator – it’s magnetized with heavy duty magnets, and won’t fall off – even when the fridge door gets slammed shut.

This is the calendar we are currently using.  I love it because it’s a cross between the grid calendar and the linear calendar with slots for different member of the family.  Therefore, it’s the best of both worlds, and is a great family organizer for us.  Because the Plan It calendars have many great styles, you can find one that you like and will use.  Because that’s one of the most important parts – the planner you use is the one that is most helpful!


family organizer
The Plan It Multiple Blessings calendar is a great family organizer

What type of family organizer have you found that works best?

What are your hints/tips for organizing your family and their activities?  Share some in the comments below, and let me know how my tips have helped you.


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