Funny Abbreviations from Dispatch

I think I mentioned in a previous post about dispatch being based on abbreviations and 3-letter acronyms. Well, I wanted to share a few of those with you. These are by no means all of them, and I may find more and add another post on this topic. But here are a few that I find amusing:

SOB – Short of Breath, medics use this as part of their shorthand; I wish I could use it to describe some of my callers.  🙂

TRFASS – Traffic Assist; this is one of our “event codes” that we use for police.  It’s juvenile of me I know, but I chuckle every time I send this out to an officer.

And here’s one that is not “official” – it was made up by a co-worker, but I would love to be able to use it:
LOL – Little Old Lady

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