God’s Goodness In Unexpected Places

Sometimes God’s goodness shows up in interesting ways, to demonstrate His love and care for us even when we are not expecting it. We can just be going through our day, and suddenly we are faced with another example of God’s goodness. Here’s my recent example –

Two weeks ago, my youngest daughter needed a dress for her first high school choir concert. She is a freshman, and really enjoying her choir class (among others – like Intro to Theater and Accelerated English), although not enjoying other classes (like Algebra and Physical Science; well, Physical Science isn’t that bad, but Algebra she really hates) and experiencing all the bumps and triumphs of transitioning to high school.

For her first choir concert, she needed something “all black” – dress, skirt and top, pants and top – whatever, somewhat dressy, with black shoes. She already had a pretty black top she could wear, but that was about it. So, while she was at youth group, I set out to shop. Oh, and did I mention – we were in a bit of a time crunch, as this was Tuesday night and the choir performance was Wednesday night.

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So I started off in search of shoes. First stop was Payless Shoe Source to look for simple black flats. This was surprisingly easy; they were having a big sale, and their selection was actually quite large that day. I found a pair in her size quickly, and they only cost about $15. SCORE! God’s goodness right there – He knew I can’t afford spendy shoes right now.

But we were just getting started.

Next, I went to Burlington. It used to be Burlington Coat Factory, but now they just go by “Burlington.” I started off looking for a black skirt. I found two likely candidates, but wasn’t overjoyed with either one. I put them back on the rack together, and decided to come back to them if necessary. Then I was off to look for a black dress, hoping to have better luck.

Nope, no such luck. I found some cute sweater dresses, but nothing my daughter would wear. I know my daughter. That’s not really her style, and I’ve made that mistake before; i.e. seeing something ** I ** think is so cute, and that my daughter “will love” – only to bring it home and find out she does not love it AT ALL.

God's Goodness in Unexpected Places - Finding Blessing at the Mall
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So it looked like the skirt would be the only real option. I stopped back by the skirt rack, chose one, and headed to checkout. Only then did I look at the tag. $9.99. NICE! God’s goodness makes another appearance.

Feeling thankful for finding what I needed so quickly, and at really good prices, I started to leave the mall. I cut through Sears on my way out, and saw a clearance rack. I had to stop. It’s in my DNA. I spotted a simple black dress, and decided to take a closer look. It was in my daughter’s size – so far so good. It was on a “75% off” rack – very promising! It was normally $40, now labeled at $9.99. SCORE AGAIN!

But it gets even better!

I took the dress to checkout, and the sales associate asked for my “reward number” before ringing it up. I gave her my phone number to look up my rewards, not expecting anything to be available. I don’t shop much at Sears; I don’t shop much at all. But to my surprise, I hear, “Oh, you have enough in your rewards account to cover this purchase. You get this dress for free!”

So here’s the final tally:
Shoes – $15
Skirt – $9.99
Dress – FREE!

A total of $24.99 for 3 items! That’s $8.33 per item!

As I walked to the car, I was praising and thanking God. He knew I was stressed about making sure my daughter had something special to wear for her first choir concert. He knew we were in a time crunch. He knew it was important to me and to my daughter she look nice and feel comfortable. And so, He had this dress waiting for me to find, and then to top it off – gave it to me for free.

What a blessing for both of us! She now has black flats she can wear with several different outfits, a black pencil skirt she can wear for other events, and her black dress – which she proudly wore as she stood on stage the next night and sang her heart out at the concert!

God’s goodness is everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes open to see it.


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