Fall Resolutions

Happy Labor Day! Here are my resolutions …

Yes, I am setting resolutions for this Labor Day.  I know, everyone else sets goals and makes resolutions for New Years.  But I am a little different, and Labor Day seems like a great time to make resolutions to me.  Here’s why:

  • Another school year starts tomorrow, and so with a new school year comes a feeling of “fresh start” … new school supplies, new school clothes, new teachers, etc.  It’s a start to a new season.  Take a deep breath of that crisp Fall air!  So why should the kids have all the fun?  And …
  • Starting new resolutions on September 1st give me 4 months … roughly 120 days … to accomplish some short/medium term goals.  This is a much more manageable time frame to work with than staring down the barrel of 12 months … 365 days … and wondering if you can stick to those new resolutions for that length of time.

So here are my goals for the next four months!

September – OK, so we live about 5 miles from a beautiful state park with wonderful hiking trails.  And I have every intention of taking advantage of those hiking trails!  So every weekday morning, Monday through Friday, I will hit the trails after dropping off my daughter at school, and hike for at least an hour.  Total time exercising for each week:  5+ hours

October, November & December – Since the weather changes a lot during these months, I am not going to count on being able to hike during this time.  Plus, my schedule at work changes and I will need to get to work earlier in the day.  So my exercise times will have to be at night – which is fine, because I won’t have any late evenings at work.  So here’s my plan:  use my Zumba workout CDs on the weekdays, Monday through Friday.  Total time exercising for each week:  5 hours, give or take.

Also, another health resolution I have is to drink 90 oz of water each day; that means roughly 3 32-oz water bottles each day.  Right now I am drinking about 64 oz each day, which is about 2 of my 32-oz water bottles.

Well, there you have it – I will let you know my progress!  🙂


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