30+ Ways To Quit Smoking
If you’re trying to quit smoking, you probably already know what I’m about to say: smoking sucks. While most people know smoking cigarettes can lead to lung cancer, there is a host of other health problems associated with smoking cigarettes including: •    Increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease •    Increased […]

30+ Ways to Quit Smoking

Heart disease and diabetes run in my family.  I have a genetic predisposition to either or both. It’s a little scary to type those words; it makes me feel vulnerable.  No hiding from it.  There it is, right out in the open.  But expressing it here isn’t nearly as scary […]

Heart Disease – Healthy Changes

how to sleep better 2
(This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on one and buy something I may receive a small amount of money.  This doesn’t affect your price at all; just helps to maintain the blog.) Sleep is important; very important.  We try to find out how to sleep better because most […]

How To Sleep Better – 5 Surprising Tips

Fast Food Statistics 2
This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I’m @jrrmblog on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points. It’s time to face the truth – we all know that eating fast food is […]

Fast Food Statistics That Will Scare You Healthy

seasonal depression 1
(This post contains affiliate links.  This means if you click on one and buy something, I get a small amount of money.  This doesn’t raise the price to you in any way; it just helps with the upkeep of the blog.) This time of year, it’s easy to feel what’s […]

7 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

Healthy Working Mom 3
Let’s talk about healthy working moms.  And how to stay healthy as a single working mom.  Because I hit all those categories.  I am a (single) mom, who works full-time, and who wants to be healthy.  Nah, HAS to be healthy.  There’s too much to do each day.  I can’t […]

Healthy Working Moms

slow cooker dinners 4
I love the ease of slow cooker dinners! One of my favorite apps on my phone is the myfitnesspal app, which was recommended to me by a trainer at the Anytime Fitness club where my daughter and I work out.  During the one-hour personal trainer session that you receive when […]

Slow Cooker Dinners from myfitnesspal

Back to her roots
I just found an amazing blog, and I wanted to share it! This blog is called “Back To Her Roots” – and it’s all about being a country girl at heart, gardening, eating healthy, etc.  I stumbled across this blog, written by Cassie from Southern Indiana, this morning – on […]

“Back To Her Roots” – New Friend Shout Out

Deer eating at State Park 2
Well, it’s been quite awhile since I have checked in and updated my “health journey,” so I thought it was about time.  Things have been crazy, and not necessarily in a good way.  Being unemployed sucks, and it has played hell with my motivation to get healthier.  Plus, the weather […]

Health Journey Update – 10/30

Again, a little late in posting my health results for last week – but better late than never!  My schedule last week had me working over the weekend, and that looks like a trend until the end of the year.  Oh well – that’s life. So again, a week of […]

Health Journey Update – Week 4

Health Journey - Week 2 Update
Here’s a quick health update, a little bit late though.  I had to work over the weekend, and didn’t get a chance to post about my results for the  week.  So here it is … My weight is down another pound, and there is another 1/2 inch gone, this time from […]

Health Update – Week 3

Health Update - Week2
Time for another health update to my journey, and with surprising results for this week.  See, I didn’t feel as if I were successful this week.  I was only able to hike for 3 days out of the 5 that were my goal, and I only drank my goal amount […]

Health Update – Two Weeks

weight loss 1
Hey there.  Well, it ‘s been a week since I started my “health and weight loss journey” with my Labor Day Resolutions, and it’s time to see if I have any weight loss results over the past week.  (You can read about my resolutions here.) So here are the results:  […]

Health Journey – One Week Weight Loss Update

Fall Resolutions 5
Yes, I am setting resolutions for this Labor Day.  I know, everyone else sets goals and makes resolutions for New Years.  But I am a little different, and Labor Day seems like a great time to make resolutions to me.  Here’s why: Another school year starts tomorrow, and so with […]

Happy Labor Day! Here are my resolutions …

Products I Love - Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks
Dispatchers need energy.  Period.  They do, honest. OK, we all need energy.  Whatever line of work you are in, we all need some extra energy to make it through the day, able to do our best. It is exhausting to deal with other people’s crises for 8 – 12 hours per […]

Products I Love – Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks

Motivation Monday – Another Monday, another weigh in, another measurement session … and another success! This week there was another 1/2 inch gone from my waist, another 1/2 inch gone from my thighs, and another 1/2 pound gone on the scales.  Do we see a pattern developing here?  😉 It’s […]

Motivation Monday – Baby Steps, And It’s Working.

Motivation Monday: This week has turned out to be a win for me, weight-wise.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I jumped on the scales.  Well, not “jumped” but you get the idea. I found that I had lost only 1/2 a pound.  But that was OK, since I […]

Getting back on track!

Drat.  Well, it was bound to happen. No motivation here, because no weight loss this week, and no inches lost. The last few weeks have been good, especially last Monday’s “weigh & measure session” (you can read about it here) so it stands to reason that things would slow down for a brief (I […]

No Motivation Here!