Health Journey Update – Week 4

Again, a little late in posting my health results for last week – but better late than never!  My schedule last week had me working over the weekend, and that looks like a trend until the end of the year.  Oh well – that’s life.

So again, a week of ups and downs – not always meeting my goals for water and exercise, but making progress anyway.  But I can still see improvements, even though I am not meeting my goals 100% each week.  The process of making changes slowly, and sticking with those changes, is what is bringing the progress.  And having patience with the process is a huge part of that!

So here it is …  Drumroll, please …

Another pound gone and another 1/2 inch lost!  This time from my waist again.  🙂

And the loss of that one pound means a lot to me, because it’s the first time I have been below 180 lbs. since I first found out I was pregnant with my now-11-year-old daughter.  Yeah, that’s a long time to hold onto that weight!

But it feels good knowing that it’s slowly melting off, and my health is slowly improving.  The changes I am making now will benefit me into the future.  🙂

And here are some other updates as well: Week 1 Update, Week 2 Update, and Week 3 Update.

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