Health Update – Week 3

Here’s a quick health update, a little bit late though.  I had to work over the weekend, and didn’t get a chance to post about my results for the  week.  So here it is …

My weight is down another pound, and there is another 1/2 inch gone, this time from my thighs!

I was able to walk for 4 mornings last week (my goal is 5, which is ambitious given my schedule) and I met my “water intake” goal for the week about 1/2 of the days.  So still not perfect with meeting the goals, but putting in enough effort to see some results.  And I am off to a good start for this week as well!  More updates to come in the near future!  🙂

This is a long term project – I know this.  And there will be bumps along the way.  But this is something that I need to continue with, and make a priority.

What is your biggest health challenge!  Do you struggle with your weight, like I do?  What keeps you motivated to exercise, or what tends to drag you down and keep you from meeting your goals?  Share your triumphs and your challenges in the comments below – let us encourage each other!



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