One of the biggest causes of overeating is stress, which also increases our risk of stroke and heart disease.  Stress from your job, your environment, your relationships, etc. can all increase blood pressure and lead to stroke or heart attacks.  Stress makes us eat more, which causes weight gain.  Stress keeps us up at night, which leads to fatigue – and when we are tired we don’t make healthy food choices.  Which leads to feeling more fatigue and low energy, which keeps us from being active like we need to be, etc.  You see the cycle here, right?!?!

Heart Disease - Stress

Stress and poor sleep can increase your risk of heart attack.  But you can break the cycle.  By taking steps to tame tension you can get off the merry go round.  Practice relaxation techniques, deep breathing, yoga, etc.  It can begin with something as simple as downloading a free app.  Two to try are:  Meditation Game and Calm-Meditate, Sleep, Relax.  There are also apps for rain sounds, relaxing sounds, etc.

Also, first thing when you wake up in the morning, try a few minutes of light stretching before you get out of bed.  Or try a few minutes of stretching, yoga, or massage with a foam roller before you go take your morning shower.  Then add a few minutes of the same before crawling into bed at night.

Try these tips for better sleep:

Here are a couple posts that may help; Declutter Your Nightstand and 5 Tips for Better Sleep

We’ve talked already about getting outside and walking to get more exercise.  Getting outside in the fresh air, greenery, and sun also reduces stress!  So instead of mindlessly eating a sandwich at your desk, go take a break outdoors.  Can’t get out?  Fill your home or work area with plants, which may make you feel less anxious and more relaxed.

The choices we make to live healthy will go a long ways to overriding our heredity.  We may have a predisposition for a certain ailment like heart disease, but there are many things we can do daily to change our health for the better.

Take control of your healthy; for yourself and for your children.  They need you around, so be there for them.  And you deserve to enjoy a long and happy life as well.

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