It’s Interview Time Again!

So I have a job interview coming up on Friday (April 17th) for a place I would really LOVE to work!  This is a position with DPSST (not to be confused with PTSD) – the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.  This agency trains and certifies all the law enforcement, fire, parole and probation, corrections, and dispatchers in the state.

Here it is, straight from the DPSST website:

” Our mission is to promote excellence in public safety by delivering quality training and developing and upholding professional standards for police, fire, corrections, parole and probation, and telecommunications personnel, in addition to licensing private security providers and private investigators in Oregon.”

There is an opening in the Training Division for a support staff.  And I want to fill that opening.  🙂

When I attended training at DPSST – the two weeks I spent there during my training to be a call taker/dispatcher – I loved the environment.  It had a quasi-military feel that some of my classmates were intimidated by – but I felt right at home.  Maybe having been married to a Marine for 20 years had something to do with that.  I don’t know – just a hunch.  🙂

At that time, I could see myself working there.  I still can.  I think this job would be a great fit for me.  Briefly, the job involves assisting the various trainers that teach at DPSST, and taking care of the certifications paperwork for the officers, etc.  I looks like the work involves lots of different aspects of the training process, and would keep me interested on a daily basis – as opposed to a data entry position, or something of that type.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that – and I have done quite a but of data entry before.  It’s just that I like to have a variety of things that are a part of my job description – that’s with what I am most familiar.

So – saying my prayers and crossing my fingers.  I have a good feeling about this job interview, and my chances of getting this job.  But I don’t want to be over confident.  I have gone on interviews for the past few months, and none of them have panned out for me.  Oh yeah – there’s the infamous Wells Fargo Interview, among others.

I hate group interviews – I know that Human Resource Directors/Hiring Managers have to leverage their time, but really?!?!?  Yeah, I know – I am showing my age.  This must be a new kinda thing.  I had never heard of “group interviews” until I started looking for a job again recently.  What is the point of a group interview?  All anyone does in those interviews is compare themselves to the other candidates while they are waiting for their turn to speak.  I much prefer the one-on-one interviews from the old days.  The traditional, “firm handshake and look ’em in the eye” kind where the interviewer had your full attention and you had theirs.

And, thankfully, Friday’s job interview will be a traditional interview.  I think.  They didn’t say otherwise, so I am assuming.  Maybe I shouldn’t do that.  We will see – but I am anticipating a one-on-one interview.



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