Minor Home Repairs That Take Forever

I am writing this during that strange period between Christmas and New Years; you know what I’m talking about – there is the let down of the holidays being over, the waiting for the new year to start, and you are left feeling a bit in limbo during that week.

What do you do?  You tackle some minor home repairs!

I recently completed a couple of minor home repairs; that’s what you do when you are a single mom.  You fix things on your own – or sometimes ALMOST on your own.  Yeah, I had a little help with the last repair, since I am a little “vertically challenged.”

The first repair was a long time coming.  I have been missing a doorknob on my bathroom door for about 2 year now.  You heard me.  Two years.  A doorknob on a bathroom seems like a necessity, wouldn’t you think?  Because a bathroom is one room where you would like to have a door that stays shut.  Right?!?!  One would think.  But it’s amazing how you can get used to something being broken, and just “work around it.”  I have been keeping my bathroom door closed with a washcloth shoved under the bottom of the door for two years now.  This works pretty well, unless one of the cats decides he needs to join me in the bathroom to do a welfare check.  He just throws himself against the door until he shoves the washcloth out of the way, then strolls in like he owns the place.

The final straw was two weeks ago, when we got internet through our satellite provider.  The installer had completed the job, and asked to use the bathroom.  I cringed inside, but led him down the hall to the bathroom.  With much chagrin, I explained about the lack of doorknob – and cheerfully handed him the washcloth to shoved under the door, promising to corral the cats so he wouldn’t have any unwanted visitors.

In need of repair
In need of repair

Trust me, I was at Lowe’s the next afternoon during my lunch break from work.  Now in my defense, I had tried a couple times to fix that doorknob.  I had purchased a couple of doorknobs, but they would never fit.  That is, the mechanism that fits inside the door was too large for the hole that was drilled into my bathroom door.  And when I asked the hardware store guys if there were different sizes of doorknobs, ones made specifically for manufactured homes, the answer was always, “Nope, just a standard size.  A doorknob is a doorknob.”

So there I stood at Lowe’s, in front of the long row of doorknobs, knowing in my gut that there had to be one there that would  that would fit my bathroom door.  Sure enough, as I sorted through all the types, finishes, designs, etc. I picked up a package with a doorknob that looked just like the one that used to be attached to my bathroom door.  And there on the front I saw, “Made Specifically For Manufactured Homes.”


Yes, it fit perfectly.  Took me all of 2 minutes to install.  I can now shower in peace without the felines.

The other minor home repair was replacing the flourescent tubes in the three ceiling light fixtures in my kitchen.  They have been burned out for about a year.  We have been forced to use the light over the sink as the only light in the kitchen.  My excuse for not replacing them sooner is that, even standing on a ladder, I am too short to reach the light fixtures.  I have very high, vaulted ceilings in several rooms of my house.  So while my daughter and son-in-law were visiting over Christmas, they managed to get up there and take a couple tubes down so I would at least know what size and wattage the replacement tubes should be.  I bought them today, and my brother-in-law installed them tonight.

These were such simple fixes, yet I put them off for such a long time.  What a relief to have these repairs done!  And the question I have is: Why did I wait so long?!?!

Remember how I mentioned that you get used to something for so long, “work around it” and finally don’t even notice it any more?  Yeah, that happened.  It was easier to just live with it than to make the changes, however easy they actually were to accomplish.  I got lazy, and stuck.

Do you do that to?  Get complacent in different areas; housework, repairs, work, relationships, etc.  You see something that needs to be fixed, but life continues on and sometimes its just easier to work around it than to actually analyze the situation and do something about it.

OK, so I’ve decided that one of my resolutions for the new year is to stop being so complacent when I see something that needs to be fixed – in whatever area of my life it happens to be.  To be more aware and present, and not let myself just get caught up and go with the flow.

What about you?  Have any New Year’s resolutions?  What are wanting to change in 2016?

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  1. I have several minor repairs that are just screaming at me to complete, thanks for inspiring 🙂 Thank you for linking up your posts with us for Brag About It!

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