Motivation Monday - 2 lbs gone

2 lbs. & Another Inch Gone!

Wahoo!  Wasn’t expecting to see two pounds gone from the scales this morning.  But that’s exactly what I saw!

Not only that – when I took my measurements, I was down another 1/2 inch from my waist, and another 1/2 inch from my thigh.

Yeah!  Things are coming together, I guess.  I am still using (more or less)  the Cucumber/Lemon Water that I wrote about two weeks ago.  Missed a couple days, but for the most part I have been pretty diligent.  Didn’t really do much exercising this week, so I can’t point to that.  But I intend to get back to my hiking and walking this week.

It must have been just plain being more careful about my eating, and maybe staying busy this week.  I have found that I am a “bored” eater – when I have nothing pressing to do, I eat.  If food is available, and I have a few minutes, I will eat.  There – I have figured it out.  🙂

So I guess packing my schedule tight is my solution to weight gain.  OK, I know that’s too simplistic – but it’s something to think about.  Maybe by staying focused on other things, and staying out of the kitchen, I can keep losing pounds and inches.  If my mind is occupied elsewhere then it can’t be focused on food.

How about you?  Are you a “bored” eater, a “stressed” eater, etc.  What emotion makes you head for the cookie jar?  Or is that your problem at all?  Let me know what YOUR trigger is, and how you deal with it.  🙂

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