Motivation Monday – Baby Steps, And It’s Working.

Motivation Monday – Another Monday, another weigh in, another measurement session … and another success!

This week there was another 1/2 inch gone from my waist, another 1/2 inch gone from my thighs, and another 1/2 pound gone on the scales.  Do we see a pattern developing here?  😉

It’s been so good to see a steady decline in the scales and in the tape measure.  It would be nice if things were coming off more quickly, but I have heard that when you lose weight and inches slowly it tends to stay off longer, and not return so easily.  I am counting on that to be the case.  It’s taken awhile to gain it, so it stands to reason that it should take awhile to lose it.

I’m just glad that the weight is coming off!

I was reading an article over the weekend about the danger of fat around the midsection, and how carrying your weight there puts you at risk for diabetes, heart disease and all those other scary health problems.  I already have a history of diabetes in my family, as did my husband.  My weight didn’t always hang out around my waist, but I have noticed that over the years it has migrated to that vicinity.

That’s why it’s so nice to see it coming off there in a nice, steady manner.

So how are you doing on your journey, if you are attempting to get healthy and lose a little weight like me?  What is the hardest part for you?

Comment and let me know so we can share stories and encouragement.  Have a great week!


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