Getting back on track!

Motivation Monday:

This week has turned out to be a win for me, weight-wise.  I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I jumped on the scales.  Well, not “jumped” but you get the idea.

I found that I had lost only 1/2 a pound.  But that was OK, since I hadn’t dropped any weight last Monday when I weighed.

Then I took my measurements.  Gone were 1/2 an inch in my waist, and 1/2 an inch in my hips.  BOOM!  Not bad.  I’ll take that.  🙂

I was trying to figure out why that would be the case.  I think the reason may be that I started using weights again this week.  I have been using my 5 and 10 pound weights, and working my upper body while doing squats and lunges, etc.  I haven’t “hit it hard” but obviously what I have been doing has had some effect.  🙂

This is good motivation for me.  I haven’t been using weight to work out with for awhile, especially since my foot surgery the end of last year.  That really put a crimp in my workout schedule.

Here’s a blog post from one on my favorite weight loss blogs, From Doughnuts to Dumbbells, about this very same topic.  Talk about timely!

Well, it seems like I am on the right track.  Back to a slimmer me!  🙂

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