National “Roof Over Your Head” Day

National Roof Over Your Head Day – show your thankfulness.

Today is national “Roof Over Your Head” Day, and I (for one) am glad that I have a roof over my head.  When there are lots of things that go wrong and there is a great deal of stress about circumstances, we (I) need to stop and be thankful that we (I) have our basic needs supplied.

Just to bring you up to speed:  Not only am I still looking for work, after being “let go” about 2 months ago from a job that I loved, but a week ago the transmission went out on my beloved PT Cruiser.  I may have mentioned her; her name is Veronica, and she is a 2006 bright (solar) yellow Route 66 Street Cruiser.  She is supposed to be ready to be picked up from the shop today.  This is the longest the two of us have ever been apart.

Now, with money getting tight and Christmas coming, and then Veronica’s transmission going out and Christmas coming, there has been a great deal of stress.  How do you pay your bills when you have no job, deal with an additional humongous bill for a new transmission, and plan for Christmas without becoming a Scrooge?  Yikes!  Honestly, only prayer and faith is keeping me going at this point.  But God is gracious and faithful, and we are making it through.  It’s amazing to think about, and very humbling at the same time.

So I choose to be thankful for what I have, instead of dwelling on what I don’t.  I choose to lift my thoughts above my circumstances, and choose to be thankful for the basics that I often take for granted.  And having a roof over my head is one of those basics.  Sometimes we just need a reminder to look up.  And smile.

I choose thankfulness!

So here are a couple good ideas from the National Day Calendar website about what you can do to commemorate National Roof Over Your Head Day:

“To celebrate National Roof Over Your Head Day you can pick a name or two off of a Christmas Giving Tree,  volunteer at a homeless shelter near you or make a contribution to a homeless shelter in your area and maybe someone else will be able to have a “roof over their head” tonight.”

I think these are wonderful suggestions!  We all have so much to be thankful for … didn’t we just celebrate that at Thanksgiving?  So let’s “live out” our thankfulness.  🙂

If you want to read more about National Roof Over Your Head Day, here is the link to the National Day Calendar website:  National Day Calendar


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