New Year’s Eve Ideas for Single Moms

So, it’s New Year’s Eve – and you need some creative ideas to celebrate the night, and help usher in the new year in style.  But you can’t/don’t necessarily want to leave the house, or at least want to keep it simple – and who can blame you?

When you are a single mom, you might need to be a little creative with how you celebrate New Years Eve.  Maybe you have your kids fulltime; maybe you are divorced, and share custody.  Either way, you deserve to have some fun on New Years Eve!


New Years Eve Ideas for Single Moms
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So we divide this list of ideas up into two sections; with kids and without kids.

First, here are some ideas for celebrating New Year’s Eve with kids:


  • Plan a party with other single moms with their kids.  Pizza parties are always a kit, with sparkling cider or grape juice to drink.  Go to the Dollar Store and get the plastic champagne flutes – the kids will love it!


  • Plan a sleep over with other single moms and their kids, or maybe invite your siblings and their kids for a “Cousin Sleepover.”  My daughters love that!  They love to spend time with their cousins, and celebrating the new year is a great excuse to get together.  Roll out the sleeping bags, get some party games together, and watch the ball drop at midnight.  And if the kiddos are too sleepy to stay up, they can sack out in the sleeping bags in front of the TV, while you and the other adults chat, etc.







This site has several great ideas for having a creative New Year’s Eve celebration with kids:

Now, on to the ideas for spending New Year’s Eve without the kiddos:

  • Plan a dinner party for other parents who are spending the evening without their kids.  Make it a potluck, or make reservations for a nice dinner out.  It all depends on your financial situation, and if you want to spend the evening out or at home.


  • Use the solitude to catch on your planner for next year.  Make goals.  Make resolutions.  Use this night as a chance to focus on what you want to accomplish in the new year, and then make a plan to get there.


  • Clean!  WAIT, WHAT?!  Yes, clean.  No distractions around, right?  So go for it.  I know it’s not the typical plan for a rockin’ New Years Eve, but whatever.  Clean out a closet, extra room, kitchen cabinets, etc.  Clearing out junk/unused items will help make a fresh start to the new year.  You have more space, and are rid of clutter you don’t need.  A great metaphor for the upcoming year, right!  Then pour yourself a glass of champagne (or any other adult beverage), relax in front of the TV, and bask in the peace and quiet.





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