Simple and Thrifty Christmas Decorations

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I have a plan.  I am going to simplify Christmas this year.

Well … simplify decorating for Christmas at my house this year.  2016 is my year for keeping it simple and thrifty, and that includes Christmas decorations and Christmas cards.  More about Christmas cards later …

After a quick (?!?!) search of Pinterest, here are some ideas that I came up with – most of them using items I already own.  Simple AND thrifty!  I love it!


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”
–         William Morris


Basket with Ornaments and Candles:

We have accumulated several tree ornaments over the years that have lost their hangers.  Pretty useless for hanging on the tree, unless you use a paperclip as a hanger.  Which you could certainly do.  Why waste a perfectly good ornament?  But they would also look nice jumbled in a basket, nestled around a couple simple pillar candles.  I have two Christmas tree candles that I dig out of the decoration box each year, and never quite seem to know what to do with – this year they will finally find a home for the holidays!  A  wicker basket I had from The Pampered Chef would hold things quite nicely.  And let’s add a few more smaller ornaments, just to fill everything out properly.  So, after a quick trip to the Dollar Store, I now have a dozen small ornaments, two pillar candles and some small votive candles.  Not bad for $5 worth of supplies!

Here’s the Pinterest inspiration:





And here is my simple and thrifty version:


Ornament Basaket with Candles







Cake Plate with Candles and Wreath:

I have a heavy glass cake plate that belonged to my grandmother.  I never use it.  But I still love it, and feel guilty for having it in the dining room hutch but never using it.  So this year I am using it to make a beautiful centerpiece for the dining room table.  I already have a garland of fake berries I can use, and placing the two pillar candles in the middle will make a nice presentation.  Simple and elegant!  I may also find some greenery and layer that under the garland of berries and candles as well.

Pinterest idea:







My simple and thrifty creation:

Cake Stand with Ornaments and Candles









Simple and Thrifty Christmas Decorations
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Here is one that I wanted to try, but decided to do something else instead.  But I thought it was a very simple and creative idea, and wanted to include it as well.  Take a plate or platter, place a couple wine glasses upside down and make them into pedestals for some candles, surrounded by pinecones and/or greenery around the base.  Here’s the photo I found on Pinterest.








This is another idea that I did try.  I have a very pretty bamboo platter that I love.  I took some baby pinecones and spread them around three LED pillar candles.  I got the LED candle set and pinecones awhile back at my local Craft Warehouse; the platter is from The Pampered Chef.  I love using things I already have and creating something new with them!  Here’s how it turned out.  Again, very simple but creative.

Ornaments: Pinecones and Candles


Bet you’re wondering how I simplified the Christmas cards, right!!!

OK, but some background first; every year I struggle to be creative with my Christmas cards, and end up sending the same type of boring cards, year after year.  I envy the people who send the personalized family photo cards.  Those are always my favorite to get in the mailbox each Christmas season.

So this year I had the chance to be one of those people that sends the great cards!

I received free Christmas cards and free shipping from Shutterfly in exchange for trying their product and telling you about my experience.

Shutterfly made it incredibly easy for me.  Their website walks you through choosing the style and format for your card, uploading the photos you want to use, choosing a background and the sentiment for the card, etc.  You can even choose to have your return address added to the envelopes, or to have Shutterfly address the cards for you with the recipient’s name.  They will even add postage and mail them!

Thankfully, my kids and I had a family photo taken this summer and I used that photo for the card:


I found the perfect style I wanted, and fell in love with the process!  And it was incredibly simple.  Shutterfly has taken all the hassle out of the process of making personalized gifts, magnets, holiday cards, calendars, photo books, etc.  I created “one of a kind” Christmas cards this year, and it was so simple.

I am proud to send out my Christmas cards this year!

Shutterfly has been a great way to simplify getting ready for the holidays.  And let’s face it … as single moms, we end up doing all the holiday prep ourselves.  So it’s really nice to have a hand from Shutterfly, whether it’s with Christmas cards or gift giving.  Personalized items just make the holidays more special!



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