Our Home School Journey Begins

Our Home School Journey Begins

Our Home School Journey Begins
Our Home School Journey Begins

This year my daughter and I are “trying out” home school.  This has not been a spur of the moment decision, but one that I have thought about for the past two years. It’s just never been the right time. There has always been something that has gotten in the way.  Work schedules didn’t allow it, etc.  But now the timing appears right.

I have the time.  With my new job, I am working three days per week – three LONG days, but that means I have four days which I can devote to home school my daughter.  And since we will be working one-on-one, she won’t be at the mercy of someone else’s timetable, and will learn much more quickly.  That means four days of home school will more than suffice to match five days at public school.

I have the skills/education.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree.  That should take care of it.  Also, I am a substitute teacher with the local school district – if the school district trusts me to teach other people’s kids, then I am certainly qualified to teach my own.

The biggest reason behind my decision to home school is that I AM TIRED.

TIRED of my daughter being bullied – by teacher’s kids!  Yes, she has five classmates who are the children on teachers or administrators within our school district, and four of those five I would classify as bullies.  She told both her teacher and the principal last year, but (surprise, surprise) nothing was done.

TIRED of teachers who SAY they care about their students’ success, but show no real evidence of meeting their needs during the school year.  Part of it might be apathy; part might be being spread too thin.  Either way, I’m done with it.

TIRED of teachers that don’t teach in such a way that all their students are able to grasp the concepts being taught.  Children have different learning styles; some learn best through reading, some through “hands on” techniques.  Teachers need to vary their style to accommodate their students.  But some don’t; and when some students have a hard time grasping what’s being taught, they are made to feel stupid and slow.  I am so tired of teachers who treat kids like they are dumb, when with a little effort and creativity these same kids can be encouraged and learn quickly.  Teachers often take the easy way out, and blame students instead of looking for the real answer to why a student is struggling.

I don’t want to throw teachers under the bus.  My intention is not to vilify all teachers – there are many great ones out there.  I know that they mean well, and do their best.  Often they are at the mercy of school districts, budget cuts, over-crowded classrooms, etc.

Bottom line – at this time, I feel that I can give my daughter a better education at home than she can get at our public school.  So we will have our “experiment” this year, and see where we end up.  I have no doubt the results will show a great benefit to my daughter.  I will try to post periodically about our journey.

Home school moms – what advice to you have to share?  Since we are just getting started, I can use any tips from seasoned home school moms/dads.  So let me know in the comments section below.  Thanks!

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