6 Tips to End Paper Clutter

6 Tips to End Paper Clutter

Paper is all around us, and there is more coming into our homes every day.  It’s very easy to wind up with paper clutter.  It sometimes seems that it will engulf us soon, if we don’t get a handle on how to control it.

Here are a few ideas to help you start to get control of that paper clutter:

  1. If you have piles of papers scattered through the house, go around and gather up all those piles of paper and bring them to a central location; i.e. your desk, if you have one.
  2. Do a quick “sort” of the papers and put all the papers that require immediate action and/or have a deadline into “To Do” file.
  3. Next, go through the piles again and begin to sort them into categories; financial, school, insurance, bills to pay, etc.  It may help to have a pen and paper handy to list the categories you are creating – you’ll want to create file folders for some of these piles.
  4. Then get those file folders out, label them, and begin to file your day-to-day papers:  bills to pay, items to file, items to photocopy, things to discuss or delegate to another family member, etc.  You might want to create file folders for each member of the family, so you can stash items of importance to them.
  5. If the stack of paper in a folder is over 1 inch think, divide the papers into two file folders.
  6. Consider using staple rather than paper clips to keep papers together; paper clips tend to slide off and get attached to other unrelated papers.

This is just brief “starting point” in getting control of paper clutter.  Next time, we will talk about how to stay organized with bill paying.

What is your biggest frustration with paper clutter?  Let me know in the comments section below!  🙂


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