Sometimes I Just Have No Words …

Every day, every shift, there are some calls that leave you at a loss for words.  There is no training you are given that prepares you to deal with the off-the-wall questions and comments from callers.  Many times I am stunned into silence because I have no idea how to respond to what is said.


Here are just two recent examples:


Female caller, reporting that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is threatening her, AND that said ex-girlfriend is keeping too many dogs:

“She is already in so much trouble with the Attorney General of the Humane Society!”



And then there’s the call from two nights ago:

“I need the number for the sleep study at the hospital.”

(OK, I have some words for this one – at least words I WISH I could say)

Sweetie, that’s more a question for 411 than for 911.  And sleep study?  Sign me up!  I could use some sleep right now.  🙂




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