Starting Over – First post in a new blog

Starting Over ... Again
Starting Over … Again

I woke up this morning and decided it was time for starting over.  With my blogs, I mean.  I have had two blogs for the past year or so, one on Blogger and one on WordPress.  Neither of them have been very active.  They started out with lots of gusto, and I was posting regularly.  But somewhere along the line … well, life moved along and the blogs didn’t.  So I am cutting the ties and setting them free.  No longer to be added to, and no longer to be a thing of guilt when I don’t post in them as often as I would like.

One dealt with the grief and recovery after my husband’s death two years ago.  Has it really been two years?  My daughters and I have done well, I feel, over the past two years.  The oldest has graduated from college, and the youngest (after a rough year) finished 4th grade and is glad to be moving on to 5th.  Both of them have done exceedingly well in dealing with the loss.  Sometimes better than I did.

But on this anniversary of his death I am reminded of how far we have come, and we continue to press on.  And part of that process is setting aside things have are worn or outdated that are holding us back.

The other blog dealt with traveling.  I had high hopes and good intentions about writing a blog centered around traveling with kids.  My goal was to travel with my girls, and then write about our experiences and give advice or tips.  I got the idea after we went on a vacation to Southern California last summer.  We had a blast, and I thought all I had learned in preparing for the trip would be helpful to others.  I hope it was, but I just ran out of content.  Oh well.

So here are … ready to start again.  Pared down to just one blog.  I still want to keep writing about stuff in my life.  Just want to keep it all in one place.  Less of a headache that way, and less of which to keep track.  And that’s what I need in my life … simplicity.  It’s good to be starting over …. again.

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