Closet Redux Part 2

The saga continues – last week it was the initial clean out, this week it was a more “heavy” cleaning and organizing.  And it’s basically done!

I started tackling my walk-in closet last week, in Closet Redux Part 1, and did some sorting and purging at that point.  I had intended to make Labor Day a relaxing, do-nothing day.  But yesterday I found myself back in the closet, sorting through items and throwing them on the bed, sorting through various hangers and stuffing many into a sack to take to Goodwill, bagging up outdated clothing to take to Goodwill, etc.  I eliminated at least 1/2 my wardrobe!  It was quite the “purge.”

And my closet looks great!

I was able to move all my hanging clothes off one wall, and on a rod on a smaller wall – leaving me much more room for storing and organizing the items that tend to make their home in my closet.  My husband’s Marine Corps stuff, extra jackets and linens, etc.  The floor of my closet is clean!

It feels so much better now – very open and spacious.  I decided that I might as well get rid of a large part of my wardrobe, since there were many items I hadn’t worn in the last year or so.  And many that were just plain embarrassingly out of style.  My goal is lose some weight (when has one of my goals NOT been to lose some weight!) and when I do that I will need to buy new clothes anyway.  So I might as well start making room for them now.

And as I stuffed various items of apparel into bags and set them by the front door, I realized I was not only making room in my closet – I am making room for the future.  I can’t really “start over again” when there is no room for new-ness in my future.  New clothes, a possible new career, new hopes and dreams.

Making room for the future – I find that rather philosophical.  And a good metaphor for what I have needed to do.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Closet Redux Part 2

  1. LOL … Thank you for posting that the photo is NOT your closet. I was almost drooling just looking at that organization. Yes, clearing out room for your future is a good place to be and a great place to work from. You are probably gonna need some room for new work clothes pretty soon! 😉

    1. I know, right. Definitely ooks too good to be my closet. Although mine is looking pretty organized ad spacious. I could use it for practicing interpretive dance! 😉
      My oldest daughter is taking me shopping today for some new clothes. And I set up my interview this morning – next Friday at 9:45 a.m. 🙂

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