Update on 911 dispatcher hiring …

My application was accepted, and I am moving on to the next part of the recruitment process!  🙂

I have applied for both a 911 Call Taker and Communications Specialist 1, which is the next step up.  Apparently I am qualified (on paper, anyway) for both – because I received acceptance from both applications I submitted.  So I move on to the next level of testing for both of those position.

The next step is called “Ergometrics” and I am not really sure what all that entails.  A quick Google search for “Ergometrics” brought me to a website for a company called Ergometrics, and they are the ones who created the program that will be administered.  As near as I can tell (the details on the website are fuzzy – I guess they don’t want you having a chance to prepare much for the test) it’s a computer-based simulation that tests your decision-making and reactions to various job-related situations.  That’s what I am guessing, anyway.

The test takes 4 hours and will be given next Monday at the local community college.  If I make it past that round of testing, there will be more the following week or so – the Criticall testing.  This I am more familiar with.  I took this previously when I began the recruitment process at another public safety dispatch facility.  I did the Criticall testing and passed, but had to take myself out of the recruitment process due to an upcoming surgery on my foot.  My surgery and recovery would be happening right around the time they wanted to begin hiring – so I figured that if I did get hired the timing wouldn’t work out anyway.

At this point I just want to get through the Ergometrics phase, and deal with one thing at a time.  I am practicing my typing and data entry in the meantime.

So that’s the plan – Monday will be the next step.  Wish me luck!  Prayers are appreciated, too.  🙂

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