Update on 911 Dispatcher Job


Well, I know they are investigating me now.  Yes, it’s the background check portion of the hiring process, and I had contact yesterday with three folks that I listed as references on my background information form.

First, my friend/2nd cousin, Belinda, messaged me on Facebook to let me know she had received “the call” that morning.  She said she told them she couldn’t recommend me any higher, and that my grace under pressure would be an asset to the job.  I love her so much!  🙂

Then I got a text from my friend, Brian, later that morning.  He said they had contacted him, and he gave me a glowing report as well.  I have such great family and friends!  🙂

Then, when my oldest daughter came over for dinner last night, she told me my friend Shannon had received a call that afternoon as well.  Shannon manages a local salon, and my daughter has been working there as a receptionist/scheduler recently.  My daughter was the one who took the call, and relayed it to Shannon.  She said that afterward Shannon told her one of the questions she had been asked was if she thought I could maintain a calm demeanor on the phone, and calm people down when they called.  Shannon said, “Sure!  Joan can talk you into a coma.”

Wait, what?!?!?!?

My first thought was that she was saying I jabbered incessantly, and talked people into a catatonic state.  But my daughter assured me that wasn’t what Shannon meant; she thought Shannon was saying that I could calm people down with my soothing phone voice and demeanor.

That’s more like it.

Anyway … we will see what happens.  I have a pretty good feeling about all this.  Now it’s just waiting to see what happens, and if I make the top six.  I did tell you they are hiring for six positions, right?

So … more to come later, as I know more.  Please keep up the prayers, and good thoughts, and crossed fingers.  🙂

Hoping my interview went well
Please, please, please, …

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