Why I Blog – Part 1 (Just In Case You Were Wondering)

Why I blog.  Why DO I blog?  I wonder that myself, from time to time.  When things get crazy, and I don’t have the time to devote to my blog that I would like.  Or when I get sucked into writing for awhile, and I think I am doing really well … but no one out there is reading what I am writing.  But yet I continue to do it.

I think I have figured it out.  So here’s why I blog.

In my job I need to be short and concise in what I write.  Words are abbreviated as much as possible, and the fewer words I am able to use to describe the situation, the better.  Brief and to the point.  An officer and/or deputy driving Code 3 to a domestic disturbance, or a paramedic enroute to a heart attack patient, can’t be expected to read through a dozen lines of text to determine the situation they are responding to while making their way through rush hour traffic.  The essential information needs to be communicated in the most efficient manner possible.

But blogging is different.  When I sit down IFO (“in front of” – there’s one of those abbreviations I was talking about) my laptop, I am able to use complete sentences and express complete thoughts.  I have the luxury of actually spelling out words, and not abbreviating them – although, it is sometimes tempting to slip into the “shorthand” that I use on work days.

I can use larger and more “precise” words; words that I may have to actually look up in a dictionary to check their spelling.

I hate to misspell words.  I do that enough when I am at work, and typing as fast as I can.  My fingers stumble, and typos result.  For the most part they are harmless; the officers and medics know what I am attempting to communicate.  But it still makes me cringe, nonetheless.  When I blog I can go back, proofread, edit, check spelling and correct mistakes.  Again, something I cannot do when taking a call at work.

I can even write something for my blog in a draft one day, go back a week later and re-read what I have written – and then scrap the whole thing and start over.  Lovely!

But my biggest reason for blogging?  Just wait for Part 2.  😉



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