“Back To Her Roots” – New Friend Shout Out

I just found an amazing blog, and I wanted to share it!

This blog is called “Back To Her Roots” – and it’s all about being a country girl at heart, gardening, eating healthy, etc.  I stumbled across this blog, written by Cassie from Southern Indiana, this morning – on Pinterest!  I was looking for some good ideas to help me in my constant struggle to eat healthy and find easy recipes/time saving tips/etc.  Isn’t that what we ALL go to Pinterest for – INSPIRATION!  And needed some inspiration today.

I found two great Pins/Posts from Back To Her Roots to share with you


I first found one of her Pins about prepping healthy meals for the week.  Genius!  Here’s the link:  How I Prep Food For the Week.  The pictures in this are mouth-watering – makes you want to prep a weeks worth of food just so your fridge can look that organized and pretty!

In that post, I saw that she preps lunchtime salads in a mason jar.   I have seen this before, but had never tried it.  So again, back to Pinterest I go, and search for “salads in a jar.”  Up pops a plethora of yummy looking photos of healthy salads, all packed in glass jars.  I choose one to click on and … what’s this … I am back at Back To Her Roots!  And at this point I immediately start following this genius on Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


Here’s the link for the salads in a jar, BTW:  Salad in a Jar 101  They look yummy, and I can’t wait to get started!

I am hoping that as I go along, I will have more of my own recipes, tips and hints that I can post as well.  For now, I will learn from others – take their ideas and use them, adapt them, and make them my own.


Want to learn more about Cassie?  Here’s her blog site:  Back To Her Roots

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