Cool Sleep Hacks for Summer

I have been struggling with getting enough sleep this summer.  Our weather the past couple weeks has been pretty warm.  Not like it’s been elsewhere, I know.  I mean … this is Oregon … our temperatures are pretty mild, after all.  We don’t get the scorching hot weather during the summer like other locations.  But it’s warm enough to be uncomfortable for sleeping.  Especially when you are trying to be super-frugal like me, and keep the air conditioning off during the summer.  That’s right …. I’m one of THOSE people.

I have found that I can keep my electric bill down around $75-$80/month if I keep the air conditioning turned off.  And that’s our only power bill; we don’t use natural gas or oil, just electricity.  It’s a HUGE help to have a low energy bill during the summer months!

But that means I have to get creative when it comes to cooling the house.  It’s not too bad during the day – I keep blinds and curtains closed to keep out as much “solar energy” as possible.  The key to keeping the house cool in the day is cooling it down at night.  I try to make sure all the windows (with screens on them) are open for the evening to allow cool air to replace the warm air during the night.  Allowing enough cool air in at night makes it much easier to keep the temperature comfortable during the day.

I also use cotton sheets and a lightweight cotton blanket for summer snoozing.  Cotton breathes better than synthetic fabrics, and keeps you more comfortable.  And a lightweight blanket rather than your usual heavy comforter or bedspread will mean you can sleep more soundly, instead of waking up sweating and uncomfortable in the middle of the night.  No one likes night sweats!

The folks at Casper Mattresses created this cool (pardon the pun) graphic to share some more great tips for cool summer sleep.  Click here to learn more about their mattresses, and how they will help your sleep – no matter what the weather or season!


Casper Cool Sleep Hacks!
Cool Sleep Hacks!

What are some cool sleep hacks that you’d like to share?  Add them to the comments below!

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  1. I’m not sure if I could have done with out air this past summer. I have to tell you though the blackout curtains really work well. They work well in the winter too for added insulation from the cold air. Have a great Labor day!

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