Easy Laundry Room Organization Tips

What room is used every day in your home, but never seems to get the attention or recognition it deserves?  The laundry room!  We toss our dirty laundry through the open door.  We stumble over baskets of clean laundry from the dryer.  We procrastinate folding said baskets of clean laundry until every piece of clothing is wrinkled beyond recognition.  All for lack of a system in the laundry room.  So here are some easy laundry room organization tips to help you dig out from under the avalanche of clothes.

Easy Laundry Room Organization Ideas:

  • First, clean our the laundry room and start fresh with your organizing.  Remove all items that don’t belong in the laundry room.  Take all the shoes, electrical cords, toys, etc. and put them in an empty box or laundry basket, to be distributed later.


  • Clear off all shelves, clear out all cupboards, and empty everything out of the laundry room (except for the washer and dryer, of course).  Then wipe everything down completely.  Don’t forget to sweep/scrub the floor as well.


  • Set up a counter or table to fold laundry, if you don’t have one but have room.  If your washer and dryer are front-loading models, consider putting a counter over the top of them to use for sorting and/or folding clothes.


  • Add shelves, too, if you need more storage space and have room.


Easy Laundry Room Organization Tips
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  • Put cleaning products in baskets with handles, if you don’t have cupboards for storage.  A couple of cute baskets on a shelf will hold your essential laundry products and keep them handy.  Just make sure they are high enough to be out of reach for small children.


  • Keep ironing supplies together.  (Does anyone even iron anymore?!?!  OK, yeah … I  know some of you are overachievers)  Look for an over-the-door system, if you are short on space.  Again, a simple basket on a shelf with spray starch, iron, etc. placed near the ironing board should suffice.


  • Got a small space for a tension rod?  Put one up for drying clothes – keep a few hangers on the rod for when you need to drip dry a shirt or pair of pants.


  • If you have enough counter space or shelf space, why not have a basket or canvas cube for each member of the family’s clothes?  As clothes are folded, they are placed in the basket/cube and then it’s the family member’s responsibility to take their basket to their room and put the clothes away.


  • Keep a small container of large safety pins in the laundry room.  As clothes are sorted, pin matching  socks together.  Wash and dry them pinned together – NO MORE LOST SOCKS!!!


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Develop a laundry schedule.  Do certain types of laundry on certain days; for example, towels on Monday, jeans on Tuesday, etc.  If you have a large amount of laundry to do, this may help make it easier.  If you do laundry daily, make sure family members know dirty laundry is to be in the laundry room by a certain time (maybe right after breakfast, before they leave for school, etc.) or it won’t be done that day.  If your kids are old enough, why not have them help with the laundry?  Add it to a chore list, and have family members take turns being responsible for the laundry once a week.



Pre-sort your laundry.  Train your family to sort laundry into 3 baskets (whites, towels, jeans or whites, darks, towels – whatever works for you).  Or use a triple-compartment laundry sorter.  While you’re at it, train them to turn clothes right side out when sorting.  It’s easier to dry and fold when done that way.  And don’t do laundry that is not prepared the way you have requested.  Teach them to sort, wash and fold properly and you will be teaching your kids an important life skill.

Put a dirty clothes basket or hamper in all bathrooms and bedrooms.  Or have a basket for each member of the family for their clothes.  They bring the basket with their dirty clothes to the laundry room, sort the dirty clothes, and when the clothes are clean and folded they can take the basket back to their bedroom to put them away.

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What are your favorite easy laundry room organization tips?  Share them in the comments below.  Or, if you have a post about them, add a link to your post.

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