Every child should know this!

Make sure your kids know what to do when they call 911
Make sure your kids know what to do when they call 911

This is something every parent needs to teach their child!  Every child needs to know how to call 911 to summon help, whether they are calling because an adult needs help or the child is home alone.  Every family need to practice calling 911 before the need arises.

Here is an excerpt from a story that happened recently in our state:

“GRANTS PASS, Oregon — When a man broke into a Grants Pass house over the weekend, a 14-year-old girl went into a drill she’d practiced with her family:

Get a description. Call 911. Hide.

Police say the man knocked on the front door and rang the doorbell Saturday morning, and then pulled a screen from the window to get in.

Meanwhile, the girl gave the 911 dispatcher what was described as a detailed description of the man and then retreated to a closet with her 12-year-old brother. She stayed on the call.

Ninety seconds later, the Grants Pass Daily Courier (http://bit.ly/16VaBjX) reported, police officers arrived.

This is a life-saving skill that every child should have as soon as they are able to use the phone.  It can be scary to have to call 911, but if it’s practiced at home with parents the chance of a child “freezing” and not knowing what to do or say will be decreased.  We can never know when this may save a life – our child’s life or ours.

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  1. I remember a long, long, long time ago that a lady was using all CAPS to yell at me in a chat room environment because she was adamant that it was wrong that children be taught their address, much less how to dial 911. It takes all kinds, I suppose!

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