FabFitFun Box Review


FabFitFun box review
FabFitFun box review – unopened and waiting

I recently signed up for one of those “beauty box” subscription things … the kind you see all over the place, in other people’s blogs, etc.  I had been thinking how much fun it would be to get a package of goodies in the mail every so often, and be able to try some new products.  Well, I just got my first box o’ goodies from FabFitFun … it came in the mail yesterday … and it was a lot of fun!  So here is my FabFitFun box review:

Lots of neat treats
Lots of neat treats from FabFitFun – goodies galore!

This box is the “Best of FFF Box 2014” – some of their all-time favorite, “must have” products from seasons past.

[pullquote]Well, the grand total for all the items – if I had paid retail – would be $251.95.  But I got them for just $49.95[/pullquote]

My two favorite items from my FabFitFun box review
My two favorite items from my FabFitFun box review – the apron and the peds!

My two favorite products?  The adorable retro apron from Jessie Steele, and the Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped.  This apron is so cute, and I love the vintage design.  I am wearing this next week when I cook stuff for Thanksgiving – even if no one is there to see me wearing it!  And the socks are very cute (they have the little strap across the instep, reminiscent of ballet slippers) and very comfy – I have a tendency to put on socks when my feet get cold, but then get irritated with the socks and slip them off.  I have a hard time finding socks that don’t feel too thick, and these are nice and light feeling.  I wore them last night after my shower, and I almost forgot I had them on.  They kept my feet warm, but didn’t bother me in the least.  The apron retails for $30, and the socks retail for $12.

So here is a run down of the other products I received for my FabFitFun box review:

Cool cosmetics
Cool cosmetics

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil – now I don’t have a problem with frizzy hair; in fact, quite the opposite.  So since I am not a good candidate for this product, I am going to host a giveaway for this item.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!  🙂  It retails for $13.

Sonya Dakar Flash Facial – I am told that Sonya Dakar is Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist, so I guess she must know a thing or two.  This product is an exfoliator that works in about 60 seconds.  I tried it last night before I hopped into the shower, and then rinsed it off while I was in the shower.  My skin did indeed feel soft and smooth after using it.  The bottle recommends using it daily; I will use it every other day to make it last longer, and because I don’t think I need to use it daily.  But it is good stuff.  It retails for $95 – ouch!  But so nice that I got to try it for this FitFabFun box review!  🙂

pur-lisse pur-protect:  This is a daily moisturizer with SPF 30 – just want my fair skin needs!  Alright, maybe its MORE than I need, considering that I live in Oregon and I won’t see the sun till Spring.  But it’s good to have SPF anyway, regardless.  It retails for $55.

More goodies!
More goodies!

KISSTIXX Lip Balm – OK, this was kinda cute; there are two tubes of lip balm in the package.  One is called Fire, the other Ice.  And you are supposed to put on one, and then have your sweetie put on the other – then you kiss.  Sadly, I will probably not get the full effect, having no one to share it with.  But that’s OK – more lip balm for me!  It retails for $5.99

FitFusion 3-Month Digital Subscription – This is new to me; FitFusion is “a digital platform that offers you tons of premium fitness video content from famous trainers.”  This card has a code for a free 3-month subscription, and you can stream the videos from your iPhone, Ipad, laptop, TV, Chrome, or Apple TV.  Too bad I don’t have any other those hi tech things.  Ok, well yeah, I have the laptop.  Guess that will be my choice.  🙂  This 3-month subscription is worth $29.97 – so I guess the monthly subscription fee is $9.99.

Mary’s Gone Crackers – so this is a little taste of these vegan, organic, non-GMO, whole grain, kosher crackers.  I don’t think I can handle so much health and nutrition!  This was a little bonus item – I have no idea what it retails for.

There were two items that didn’t get included in the photos:  Zoya Nail Polish – in a cool coral color.  When I was taking photos, I guess I forgot to grab that.  It’s now in the bathroom, waiting for the next manicure session.  And there was a small travel size can of Skintimate Shave Gel.  I think that didn’t make the photo session because it went straight to the travel bag for my next trip – whenever that might be.

Well, the grand total for all the items – if I had paid retail – would be $251.95.  But I got them for just $49.95.  And it was fun – the anticipation of what was coming in the mail, the unpacking of the cute box, etc.  It takes very little to make me happy, obviously!  🙂

If you want to try out FabFitFun for yourself, just click on this link.  Also, this would make a great gift for someone!  They could be thinking about you 4 times each year, when these goodie boxes show up in their mailbox.  And each box is curated with the coming season’s coolest and fun-est products.

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