Heading into the Weekend – Here Are Some Blogs to Check Out.

I have been a slacker the last two days.  I haven’t written a blog post, since I was in all-day meetings for the past two days.  So now that I am here, sitting in front of my computer, I am going to try and post something fun for you to read over the weekend.  Actually, they are other people’s blog posts for you to read over the weekend.  🙂

School Emergency Kits – this is a great idea!  I am going to suggest this to my daughter’s school.  What a neat idea, for the kids to each have a personalized emergency kit from home.  Thanks to Faking Picture Perfect for sharing this.

One Trick to Staying Committed?  Write It Down.  –  this is what I need to do.  It would really help me in my weight loss journey.  Great idea from From Doughnuts to Dumbbells.

How Accepting A Challenge Has Saved Me $849.00  –  She Makes Cents has a great post about the 52 Week Money Challenge.  She found a creative way to do the challenge, and it might work for you, too.  I am definitely going to try this in January 2014!

So here are a few good “reads” for the weekend, encompassing various topics.  Enjoy, and have a blessed weekend!

Enjoy the weekend!
Have a Good Weekend!

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