Health Update – Two Weeks

Time for another health update to my journey, and with surprising results for this week.  See, I didn’t feel as if I were successful this week.  I was only able to hike for 3 days out of the 5 that were my goal, and I only drank my goal amount of water for about half the days this past week.  So I was not too excited about taking my measurements and stepping on the scales this morning.  But I figured I had better get it over with and face the disappointment.

First the measurements; everything was pretty much the same – no changes in almost all my measurements – but there was a definite 1/2 inch missing from my waist.  Huh.  Surprising, but I will take it.  🙂

Then the scales.  Ugh.  Three times I step on the scales, read the number, and step off the scales.  Three times the number reads the same:  181.5  A two pound loss!  This is amazing!  Certainly unexpected.  Wow, this stuff is really working.  🙂

So now I am more energized than ever to keep moving forward on my health journey.  My body is changing, and in a good way.  So what is your journey?  Like me, are you trying to lose weight/get healthy?  Share with me what you have going on now, and we can encourage each other.  Please leave a comment for me on this post.  🙂

And you can check out my results from the previous week here – Health Journey Update – Week 1.

You can also read about the beginnings to my health journey here – Happy Labor Day! Here are my resolutions.



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