I passed the CritiCall Exam!

I passed the CritiCall Exam!  (insert the sounds of the hallelujah Chorus being sung right here.)

What a relief!  I have had this on the fringes of my mind for the last week, ever since I took the test last Wednesday.  Thoughts reoccur and swirl through my mind at odd times during each day, “I wonder how I did.  Did I type fast enough when entering the data?  How was my accuracy?  Did I read the maps correctly during that part of the test?  Did I make any stupid mistakes, and check one box when I meant to check the other?”

There have been lots of prayers over the past 6 or so days, and lots of checking my email to see if I had passed.

And then this morning, just 10 minutes ago, up pops the notification – I have a new email in my inbox.  And there it was –

“Congratulations, you have passed the CritiCall Exam phase of testing.  You will be contacted in September for an oral interview.”  🙂


(Ok, the smiley face wasn’t really in the email – it’s just my reaction to the email)

Ok, so just what is the CritiCall Exam?  It is a work sample test given to those who are interviewing for a position as a call taker or dispatcher.  It’s a multi-part test, which includes such tasks as entering information while listening to a caller, entering VIN numbers, map reading then giving directions to a location, etc.  It tests multitasking, memory recall, map reading, prioritization, data entry, etc.

It is a rather intimidating test, and tends to cause a great deal of stress to those who are faced with taking it.  But with a little preparation, it’s not quite so bad.  Although, you can never really know exactly what it’s like until you actually take the test.

So for anyone who has stumbled upon this post while searching for “CritiCall Exam” in hopes of trying to prepare for it, here is a link that might help:  CritiCall and the Dispatcher Applicant:  F.A.Q

This site has lots of great information, a preparation guide that can be downloaded, and links to two online practice tests for keyboarding and data entry.  A huge help for anyone wanting to prepare for the test!



I think dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate with my daughters is in my future.  This deserves a celebration of some sort.  Passing the CritiCall exam is a major milestone in my quest for a new job.

What has been a milestone or achievement for you lately?  Leave a comment so we can share.  🙂


And here is the first post about my quest for a new job – Well, I Did It ….


8 thoughts on “I passed the CritiCall Exam!

  1. Hi there,

    Can you give me some pointer how to prep the exam? what is the format for the exam? I currently get invited to take the critical exam in this beginning of April. And I thought you might able to help.

    1. There are several parts to the exam. There are parts where you are needing to enter address information into a form, and listening to a caller give you the information – but the information may not be in the order you need to enter it. There are parts where you need to be able to give directions, and determine the quickest route to a location on a map. Much of it focuses on memory, being able to retain information and then enter it correctly. The toughest part for me was the VIN #’s! 🙂 I would prep by practicing your typing, and having someone read you addresses or VIN #’s and then typing them into a Word document on your computer. Just practicing listening and typing will help a great deal. You will do fine; just relax and focus on the tasks you are given during the test. Listen, and use your instincts and common sense. Good Luck! 🙂

  2. So, did you get the job? I’ll be taking CritiCall test in the next week or two. And, I also live in the Willamette Valley 🙂 Wondering what comes after as I’m not too worried about passing the test. How many interviews before the training, and REAL JOB, begin? I’m also on a path of reinvention…

    1. Yes, I did get hired but have since moved on to work for the Oregon State Hospital. But I loved being a call taker! It was a lot of training and work, but very worthwhile. When I went through the process there were two interviews (one a panel interview and a Director’s interview) then after being hired, there was a six-week in-house training academy, two weeks at DPSST (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training) and six months of training one-on-one with a trainer before you would “solo.” Hope that helps. 🙂

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